Dexter – Helter Skelter

dexter2S07xE09 – Isaac has a hit out on him from the Koshka Brotherhood. That’s not a good thing. So after realizing Dexter’s intentions of killing him, Isaac now has a proposition for Dexter. He wants Dexter to help him get rid of the men sent to kill him, and in return Isaac will no longer try and kill Dexter. Dexter initially declines the offer, but when Hannah is taken hostage, Dexter has no other choice. So he helps Isaac kill the two men after him, but things go awry at the end, and Isaac ends up getting shot. Dexter takes him out to sea where Isaac dies and Dexter then throws him overboard. It’s touching, in a serial killer way.

La Guerta keeps getting closer to the truth about the Bay Harbor Butcher, and has no intention of backing off anytime soon. This means bad things for Dexter, as he happens to be on a list of boat owners who are now her suspects. I can’t wait for Deb to get wind of this.

There’s also a new killer out and about, and this one has taken to charring the crap out of people. I have my suspicions of who the killer is, but they’re not saying just yet. Anyway there are two killings so far, one in a car and another in an elevator. In both scenes the person is burned alive with the use of an accelerant, and in the elevator we learn that the killer is actually watching his victims die. This person knows what he’s doing.

Deb who has been avoiding Dexter after she admitted her love for him in not such a sisterly way, is now being asked by Dexter to help him get Hannah back from her abductors. Hannah though seems to be able to handle herself pretty well, and takes out her captor, but ends up getting stabbed in the process. Deb arrives in time and after contemplating on whether or not to call 911, she does the right thing. After Dexter dumps Isaac’s body, he goes to the hospital where he has an awkward moment with Deb and Hannah in the same room, and then Deb makes it less awkward by leaving. Dexter admits to Hannah his feelings for her and how scared he was to think she might die. Although Hannah comforts Dexter, her face says otherwise. Interesting.

Best of the episode: The episode is called Helter Skelter. Too bad they used the word incorrectly. Any Beatles fan knows a helter skelter is a slide.

Worst of the episode: La Guerta getting closer to figuring out who Dexter really is. I have theories about how this will play out if or when she does put the pieces together. Stay tuned!

Where does this episode leave us: Isaac is dead, so there goes that game of cat and mouse. But it seems Dexter will have a new person to go after and kill.

Best one-liner:  Deb – “For a second everything was just like it used to be. Steaks, and beer, and bad movies on the couch. And then I blinked. And now it’s burritos, and hired killers, and favors, and fu**ing Xanax to get me to tomorrow morning so I can have that half second of peace.”

What this episode ruined for us: Siblings


– a la Chryshele


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