Once Upon A Time – Into The Deep

S02xE08 – Cora and Hook are scheming together to acquire the compass that Emma took from the giant. Cora’s slightly upset with Hook over his apparent betrayal though and doesn’t know where his loyalties really lie, so she opts to try and retrieve it on her own. So we find her go to her boxes of hearts and a few of them light up, she has reanimated a group of the dead lying around. Sweet zombies!

Aurora and Henry are both asleep and in the room of fire. They have both figured out this room is a way to pass along messages of what’s occurring in each world. Aurora lets Henry know that both Snow and Emma are ok. When Henry awakes, both David and Regina are near. As he’s speaking about what happened in his dream, Regina notices Henry’s arm is seriously burned. She decides it’s time to enlist Gold’s help and is only able to do so by mentioning Cora’s plan of coming to Storybrooke. When Gold arrives, David has decided that he is going to go into the dream because it’s too dangerous for Henry. The only problem is that David’s never been under a sleeping curse. So Regina concocts the curse, and with Gold’s help of the spinning wheel, David pricks his finger and is immediately immersed in the sleeping curse. He then has to locate the room, as the curse itself doesn’t directly place you into the room of fire.

In Fairy Tale Land Cora has managed to abduct Aurora and has her detained. Hook then shows up releases her and tells her that he still wants to help Snow and Emma and work against Cora. Aurora leaves, and Cora shows up to find Hook who fills her in on his plan of really helping Cora retrieve the compass. With Aurora gone Snow has decided to go into a deep sleep with the help of Mulan’s poppy powder. While Snow is asleep Emma who is supposed to stand guard has fallen asleep too, and when she awakes finds that Mulan has taken the compass and disappeared.

Snow while in her deep sleep enters the room of fire, and there she finds David who is under a curse that Snow has now realized. He leaps over the fire to get to Snow so she can break the curse with a true love’s kiss, but as they go to embrace they find that neither of them are really there in true form. Thus rendering the intentions of the kiss useless. And to make matters worse, Snow is waking up leaving David there alone.

When Snow awakes Emma informs her that Mulan has stolen the compass, and they take off after her. They are able to catch up to her and retrieve the compass from Mulan. As they are doing so, Aurora shows up startling the group. She explains that Hook let her go, and he’s still interested in working with them to overtake Cora. Aurora says just the right things to calm the group down, and it’s because Cora has her heart! Somehow Hook was able to take Aurora’s heart and offered it to Cora as a gift. Now Cora is running the show through Aurora and likely making her plans to get to Storybrooke that much easier.

Best of the episode: Hook is back. Even though I don’t know where his loyalties truly lie, he’s still pretty good to look at, and I’m not going to complain.

Worst of the episode: That Charming and Snow weren’t able to kiss each other when they were in the room of fire. So sad.

Where did this episode leave us?: Aurora is being run by Cora now, which could make things easier or harder for Emma and Snow to get back to Storybrooke.

Best one-liner: Mr. Gold to Belle – “You should try it with ketchup. Condiments are this world’s most powerful magic.”

What the episode ruined for us: Kisses


– a la Chryshele


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