Glee – Dynamic Duets


S04xE07 – Blaine is trying to figure out if he should stay at McKinley now that he’s broken up with Kurt, or if he should go back to Dalton with the Warblers. Finn is having trouble getting the glee club to see him as an authority figure. The theme is duets, Superheroes are making a comeback and influencing glee this year. The Warblers woo Blaine back, Kitty and Marley do an awesome duet while Ryder and Little Puck can’t seem to get along. Ryder though is the only one with a real secret idenity. He is dyslexic and cannot read. Now that they have each others backs it’s going to be hard for little Puck to take Marley away from him, so he seeks brotherly advice from big Puck…”Play it cool.” Blaine turns down the Warbler invite, and the club accepts Finn as their leader, the almighty treble clef.

I have a real secret idenity.

Best of the episode: Blaine and Trouty Mouth singing Bowie’s Heroes. Tugs at your heart.

Worst of the episode: Marley turning on Ryder, not cool. And when did Tina become a brat? Good lord.

Where does this episode leave us: Blaine is staying! Sectionals next week.

Best one-liner: (Because it made me cry) Ryder – “I have a real secret identity.”

What this episode ruined for us: The Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Holler, Jordan


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