The New Normal – Pardon Me

S01xE09 – The gang are potting bulbs for the spring when they start to discuss Thanksgiving. Bryan and David usually go somewhere alone and drink themselves away, Rocky’s past dinners have involved her parents not approving of her dreams to live in LA. Goldie and Shania don’t have very fond memories of Thanksgiving either. So they all plan to have dinner together, without any family. This doesn’t actually happen though and family ends up participating. Rocky’s brother who’s been dating Goldie attends, Goldie’s ex-husband and Nanabigot attend, as well as David’s parents. So Bryan and Shania go shopping for a turkey and decide to go to a turkey farm to get a fresh bird. Only problem is that they have to kill the turkey themselves. This sparks into a save all the turkeys mission, and Bryan and Shania end up taking all of the turkeys home with them. Dinner is now vegetarian.

The family members have all shown up and things seem to be going only ok for some and not so well for others; David’s divorced parents are getting along, Rocky’s brother is happy to see Goldie, and Shania’s father is more than a little concerned about Goldie dating someone else. Nana has decided that she’s not having a vegetarian dinner and has set out to kill a turkey, but Shania caught wind and has hidden the turkeys. David’s parents are done pretending to be nice and have started fighting which upsets David, but it’s Nana who gets a full on scene of David’s parents having make-up sex. David happens to walk in at the tail end and kicks them out. No dinner for them. Goldie ends up kicking out her ex-husband, and Rocky’s brother excuses himself, and then Nana gets kicked out too. No dinner for anyone, and that’s a good thing because the tofurkey that they made instead is pretty nasty. At least they’ve all come to agreement that Christmas is for relatives, and Thanksgiving is for family.

Best of the episode: Rocky’s parent’s. Rocky as her father in the story is hilarious.

Worst of the episode: Nanabigot trying to kill a turkey.

Where does this episode leave us: Goldie’s dating relationship is questionable at the moment.

Best one-liner: Goldie about doing vegetarian pizza instead of tofurkey – “yes and to save the lives of all those pepperoni’s.”

What this episode ruined for us: Tofurkey


– a la Chryshele


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