Parenthood – One More Weekend With You

S04xE08 – Kristina is home after her first chemo treatment, and has forgot that she agreed to watch a neighbor boy for a couple days. Convinced she’s not going to be sick from the treatment, she tells Adam that everything will go alright. But that’s not the case, when Kristina gets violently ill, Max starts fighting with his friend, and baby Nora is crying. Time for Adam to don his super-dad cape.

Meanwhile Ryan lost one of his buddy’s and has to go to Bakersfield for the funeral. Amber offers to go, and as the reminiscing occurs among the friends, one decides it’s ridiculous to honor their friend when he killed himself. Ryan had been trying to hide this from Amber to not scare her, but when a fight breaks out between Ryan and the other guy, the fear kicks in a bit for Amber. They both admit it’s their first funeral they’ve been to, and they both comfort each other through the ordeal.

Adam who is at a loss on how to help Kristina with the pain, decides to pack up the kids and take a trip to Crosby and Jasmine’s place. They happen to be hosting a dinner party, that Crosby wasn’t too thrilled about to begin with, but both seem to be pulling of the host duties with ease. Until Adam crashes the party. He’s hitting Crosby up for some marijuana to help with the pain (it’s amazing for that. Or so I hear…) and then they’re on their way.

Next we see Kristina smoking a joint, and honestly looking a lot better. Ah the miracles of marijuana. Next day Kristina is looking and feeling a lot better telling Adam to hold onto the pot for future treatments. I don’t blame her.

Mark catches Drew having sex with Amy, and promises Drew he won’t tell Sarah, but then tells her. And Sarah being Sarah tries to pry it out of Drew, in which Mark then has to confess he told her. Now Mark is upset with Sarah, and Drew is upset with Mark. Nice work to all.

Joel and Julia are trying to balance two kids equally and are doing so horribly. Victor is getting all of the attention and Sydney is feeling neglected. When a tantrum breaks out in a diner, they realize that they need to spend more time with Sydney, but also explain she’s not the only child anymore. She seems to understand, but the kid is a brat, so I expect more tantrums.

Best of the episode: Kristina smoking a joint in bed. So unlike her, yet it was brilliant.

Worst of the episode: Sydney. I’ve never really liked her. I think she’s a spoiled brat, and she just further confirmed my feelings.

Where this episode left us: One chemo treatment down, many more to go. Amber and Ryan seem to be good for each other, and Sarah and Mark may have made up, but I see this whole thing going down in flames really soon.

Best one-liner: Adam – “Is there a difference between a g-string and a thong?”

What this episode ruined for us: Sleepovers


– a la Chryshele


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