Go On – Dinner Takes All


S01xE09 – Ryan’s old non-flame Lorelai Gilmore (Amy, played by Lauren Graham so she is automatically Lorelai) is coming into town and his group things something flirtatious is going to happen between them. Ryan tries to get Stephen on board with Lorelai because Stephen thinks she is attractive. Ryan really doesn’t want to admit that he’s having feelings for someone this early. He discusses Thanksgiving with the group and Ryan is hosting one at his office because he has to work so he invites them. They help Owen and his mother’s relationship and eventually Ryan gets good with Lorelai but she can’t follow Janie, it’ll have to be a while before they can date each other, though feelings are there.

Best of the episode: LORELAI. And just having the gang all together for Thanksgiving was hilarious.

Worst of the episode: Awkwardness between Lauren and Owen’s mom.

Where this episode leaves us: Ryan’s first romantic feels since Janie died, maybe he’s moving forward?

Best one-liner: Ryan – “Airline food, what’s going on there, Stephen taught me how to kiss.”

What this episode ruined for us: Rodeos.


Holler, Jordan


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