Mike & Molly – Thanksgiving is Cancelled

S03xE07 – Mike is sick for Thanksgiving, so that gets Molly off the hook for cooking. That is until Vince’s brother comes to town. Vince expects a big dinner for his brother so that Vince can show off his lovely family. Too bad he hasn’t married Joyce yet, she’s kind of upset about that, and it’s going to ruin the night. Joyce starts flirting with Vince’s brother which isn’t hard to get him to reciprocate. He’s kind of a horn-dog. Vince is in the kitchen fixing dinner when he confesses to Molly the reason he hasn’t married Joyce yet is because he’s broke, and he wants to be more financially stable before he ties the knot. Molly tells Vince he needs to let Joyce know that, so she won’t be so angry. Vince is not so sure though and hesitates to do so. It takes Molly to force him to be out with it, and when he tells Joyce, she’s more than understanding.

Carl and Samuel are having Thanksgiving at Carl’s grandmother’s church’s single’s potluck. Carl’s convinced that they can pick up some single ladies and have a decent meal at the same time. But their plans don’t exactly go as they had thought they would. There are no young ladies, only elderly people, and the food is sub par. But the night’s not an entire loss, when they are asked to dance with a couple of the elderly women. Our lips are sealed on this one.

We end the episode with the sweet courthouse wedding of Vince and Joyce. Mike is all better, so I’m guessing it’s a few days down the road, and Vince’s brother is still in town begging for a kiss from the bride in exchange for the wedding gift of cash he gave them. No such luck for the horn-dog.

Best of the episode: Vince admitting why he’s put the wedding off. It was nice to see a more endearing side of Vince for once.

Worst of the episode: Mike sick in bed. I’m not sure why the writers thought this would be funny. I think Mike down with the family interacting would have made more laughs.

Where did this episode leave us?: Joyce and Vince are finally married!

Best one-liner: Carl – “Whatever happens at the assisted living facility stays at the assisted living facility.”

What the episode ruined for us: Assisted Living Facilities


– a la Chryshele


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