Hawaii Five-0 – Ohuna (The Secret)

S03xE07 – A young computer hacker just released from prison is abducted and murdered. Now it’s up to Five-0 to find his killer. With the help of the victim’s autistic brother, Kono and the team manage to identify the killer, a former South African military officer with a vengeance. It’s a little late upon finding this information as they take the victim’s family hostage in their own home. Kono happens to be there in hopes of recovering a password to an encrypted file the victim had left behind and does so. Turns out that’s what the killer is after as well. Kono’s status as Five-0 is discovered and also that she has the password in her possession, so she’s taken hostage on the road. Through a seriously Mission Impossible maneuver Five-0 is able to overtake the bad guys, recover Kono, and retrieve the password. All in a day’s work eh?

Meanwhile McGarrett has finally decided that his sister should know their mother is alive. So he’s flown her in, and she has a surprise guest with her, an elderly man. Little sis has failed at being a flight attendant, and has taken to care giving. McGarrett takes the news better than little sis does when he tells her mom is alive. She refuses to see her mother, that is until she has a heart-to-heart with her elderly patient. She gives in and goes to see her mother. It’s super touching as McGarrett looks on, happy that his family is reunited. Well those that are alive at least.

Best of the episode: The McGarrett family reunion.

Worst of the episode: Bad dudes in masks. Why do they always have to be creepy masks?

Where this episode leaves us: The secrets out about mommy dearest. Now that the sister knows mom is alive, will this put her in danger?

Best one-liner: McGarrett – “Toast! Live long and perspire.”

What this episode ruined for us: Masks


– a la Chryshele


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