How I Met Your Mother – The Stamp Tramp

S08xE07 – Barney is ready to start hitting the strip clubs again, but is unsure of which one to endorse with his presence. So Robin enlists herself as Barney’s agent to help him make the decision, by negotiating terms with the clubs to see who can offer the best experience for Barney. I look at this as one step closer to Robin and Barney reuniting, and I wasn’t too far off. Barney makes his decision and he and Robin go off for a night of fun. Robin is really drunk, and Barney is drunk too, and they end up kissing. Barney appears more ok with the kiss than Robin does which is sad.

Marshall runs into his old law school friend Brad outside Marshall’s office. Brad is looking pretty down on his luck, so Marshall gets him an interview. And as Marshall is telling the gang about how he’s helped out Brad, they all tell him he’s a stamp tramp, meaning his stamp of approval is used so much that it’s been rendered useless. Basically Marshall has poor judgement. This doesn’t sit well with Marshal as he tries to prove that his stamp is just as good if not better than everybody else’s. Robin proves that Lily is a great stamper, but Ted is a piggy-back stamper, meaning he puts his stamp on something someone else has already stamped.

Ted being offended by this, goes out to prove he’s not a piggy-backer. He’s convinced himself that he was the one that got everyone to listen to the Dishwalla song “What if God Was One of Us”, but Lily steals his thunder and says that it was she that recommended the song. So Ted pulls out his tape diaries to prove Lily wrong, but instead proves himself wrong. Unfortunately for Ted it’s looking like he is a piggy-backer. That is until they come across a tape where Marshall is talking to Ted about Lily who he’s only known for a few weeks. Marshall is falling for her, but isn’t sure if he should commit just yet. Ted tells Marshall to commit to Lily because she’s the best thing that’s happened to him. Lily sees this and takes back the piggy-backer comment. Things are ruined though when the tape keeps going and Ted tells Marshall to bang a few more chicks before making a final decision. Ah well.

So Brad is having his interview, and is totally not impressing Marshall’s boss. It gets so bad that Marshall loses his credibility with his boss and is taken off the huge case. His credibility was already wearing thin with the bad soup incident. Marshall has to earn back his cred with the help of Lily whose stamp has great history. So once Marshall earns back his position on the case, they’re off to court, where they find Brad is the opposing council. Turns out Brad was playing Marshall and his firm the whole time, and used the interview as a way to get in and steal the evidence they have for the case. Marshall’s job now hangs in the balance, because if he doesn’t win the case, he’s fired. Oh no’s!

Best of the episode: Flashbacks to college. Those are always good.

Worst of the episode: Robin not digging the kiss with Barney. I don’t know why she’s fighting the inevitable.

Where this episode leaves us: One step closer to Barney and Robin reuniting, although Robin is pretty reluctant. Marshall’s job is now at risk all because he’s a good guy.

Best one-liner: Barney – Barney Stinson has to do what’s right for Barney Stinson’s penis.”

What this episode ruined for us: Video Diaries


– a la Chryshele


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