Dexter – Argentina


S07xE08 – Dexter continues to pursue his relationshiph with Hannah despite Deb wanting her dead by Dexter’s hand. After he admits to Deb that he has been seeing Hannah, she explains that she came to the church to tell him that she was in love with him! Aster and Cody visit with Harrison, all staying with Deb, Aster is caught with some weed which eventually is used to calm Deb’s nerves after she admits her love for her brother (and ghost dad seriously doesn’t seem creeped out by this? Is he for real?). Agent Quinn is blackmailed by the Russian’s to continue doing work for them, Isaac turns out to be gay, Victor was his lover which is the real reason for his vendetta against Dexter. La Guerta is one step closer to figuring out the Bay Harbor Butcher is Dexter, she finds out about his boat, the lease was up around the same time the murders were discovered. Batista finally buys his restaurant.

Best of the episode: This is going to be fairly lame given all that has happened, but I’m really happy to see Aster and Cody back, I am excited for their storyline. I actually felt sorry for Isaac. I can’t figure out if I should put Deb confessing her love to Dexter in the best or worst, so…

Worst of the episode: Deb telling Dexter that she loves him.

Where does this episode leave us: How many more times with Dexter ditch his kids to get it on with Hannah? What happens now that he knows how Deb feels? Uh, La Guerta? Eek?

Best one-liner: Deb – “I came to the church to tell you that I was IN love with you.”

What this episode ruined for us: SIBLING LOVE.


Holler, Jordan.


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