The Walking Dead – Hounded

S03xE06 – Merle and a group of townies are on the hunt for Michonne, and when they find her, it’s not a warm welcome. She slaughters the group leaving Merle and one other guy, but gets shot in the process. As they’re fighting they have walkers that decide to join in, and in the midst of fighting off the walker, Michonne gets away. Merle is talking to the other guy telling him that they don’t let the Governor know Michonne got away, and instead they tell him she’s dead. But this guy isn’t too keen on the idea of lying to the Governor, so Merle kills him.

Rick is on the phone after answering its ring, and it’s the voice of a woman who tells Rick that they are somewhere safe, but can’t tell him where. Rick asks if he and his group can go where they are, and he’s told they will call back in a couple hours. So Rick goes and cleans himself up, and meets up with the group. He checks on things, and then heads back to the boiler room to await his phone call. Hershel follows behind and offers to sit with Rick until the next phone calls comes, but Rick declines the offer. Glenn and Maggie head out for supplies, and Daryl takes it upon himself to head a small group to clear out the lower level of the prison.

Andrea has taken a position up on the perimeter wall doing walker watch duty. She’s making herself at home in Woodbury, but when there’s a walker coming and the girl she’s doing duty with fails to shoot it with her bow and arrow, Andrea jumps down over the wall and kills the walker. This gets her in trouble with the Governor. She’s now taken off watch duty, and then she admits to him that she liked the fights the other night, and next thing we know they’re in bed together. The Governor isn’t so mad at her anymore it seems.

Michonne covered in walker guts, happens upon some walkers who don’t notice her. She’s now figured out the masking the human smell trick. She comes upon a shopping center where she immediately takes cover when she sees Glenn and Maggie pull up looking for supplies. She watches on as they go through the store and get what they need. As Glenn and Maggie are readying to leave, up comes Merle with his gun drawn. Glenn recognizes him and both Glenn and Maggie now have guns on Merle. Merle asks Glenn if his brother is alive, and Glenn confirms that he is, and then Merle asks if they will take him to Daryl. Glenn tells him that they will bring Daryl to Merle and he is to stay put. Merle keeps edging forward and makes a move sending Glenn and Maggie running in opposite directions. Merle catches Maggie and holds a gun to her head instructing Glenn to get in the car. They’re going for a ride to Woodbury.

Rick continues to get his phone calls and each one gets a little more creepy. They know his name, and they know about Lori, and soon Rick realizes that it’s Lori on the phone and he breaks down apologizing to her, and telling her he loves her. It’s then he realizes that the phone calls were all in his head, and so he gets himself together and heads back to the group, where Hershel is holding little ass-kicker. Rick picks up his daughter and holds her for the first time. I may have got teary-eyed at this point.

Back to Merle, he’s now knocking on the Governor’s door, where he happens to be having sex with Andrea. When he gets the door, Merle tells him about Michonne being dead, but not being able to retrieve her sword, and that he has a couple people down in holding, and they’re from Andrea’s old group. He tells the Governor that they look like they’re pretty well set up and will try and find out where they’ve been staying. The Governor finishes with Merle and goes back to Andrea.

At the prison, Daryl, Carl and Oscar have been clearing out the lower level, and Daryl finds Carol’s knife lodged in a walker. He pulls it out and wipes it off. They head back to base, and Daryl goes out again on his own. Earlier they had passed a door that was blocked by a walker, and it was being lightly pushed open. Daryl originally passed it off as being a walker inside, and said they would go back later to kill it. So now Daryl is back at that door, and he opens it preparing to kill a walker, but instead finds a very weak, but alive Carol. He picks her up and takes her back to base.

Rick holding his daughter walks out into the prison yard, and as he looks out he halts and stares off into the distance. He then hands off the baby and walks toward the fence where walkers are and there he sees Michonne standing among the walkers holding the basket of supplies that Maggie and Glenn left behind.

Best of the episode: Michonne outsmarting Merle. She’s growing on me.

Worst of the episode: Andrea giving it up to the Governor. I would have thought she was smarter than that, to know he’s not all that great.

Where did this episode leave us?: Michonne has found the prison, and maybe her new group. Maggie and Glenn have been taken by Merle, and are now in the custody of Woodbury. Little ass-kicker still hasn’t been given a proper name, and maybe she never will.

Best one-liner: Daryl – “What do you need slippers for?” Oscar – “End of day relax.”

What the episode ruined for us: Rick’s sanity


– a la Chryshele


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