The Vampire Diaries – We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

S04xE06 – Elena is having hallucinations after killing Connor. They mainly consist of Connor appearing to her and making her feel like crap. She also has one of Katherine which is unsettling. She even mistakes actual people for Connor, which explains why she stabs Jeremy in the throat, and Stefan in his side. No matter though, Klaus knows just what to do with her. So he kidnaps her and puts her in a room without windows, and guards outside the door. He paints a bleak picture for her consisting of going crazy for a long time until Connor decides to leave her alone. But until then Connor will continue to try and make her kill herself as punishment for killing him.

Once Damon and Stefan devise a plan to retrieve Elena from where Klaus is holding her, they put Caroline to the task of distracting Klaus with her womanly ways. Stefan is able to get to Elena, but this is where she stabs him and runs. She finds herself at the bridge where a lot of death has happened for her, and she then sees a hallucination of her mother encouraging her to end her life. So she throws her daylight ring into the water and waits for the sun to rise. Damon finds her just in time to save her and retrieve her ring placing it back on her finger.

Elena no longer has to worry about her hallucinations as the team was able to figure out how to make them stop, and that’s by Jeremy (who now has the hunter mark) killing a vampire. By doing this the previous hunter can move on, and also no longer haunt their killer. Win-win. The only problem is the information was obtained by Professor Shane who has his own agenda.

Now that Elena’s head is empty, she has the chance to thank Damon for saving her, then she heads down to talk to Stefan who is solemn because Elena always listens to Damon over him. This makes them both admit that there’s an elephant in the room by the name of Damon, and Elena has feelings for him. They both mutually end their relationship. Sad.

Best of the episode: Elena finally admitting her feelings for Damon. I’ve always been pro-Elena/Stefan, but I think the Elena/Damon has a good chance too.

Worst of the episode: Not realizing that Katherine is dead? I may have been asleep during that episode when that happened. I’m going to have to go back and re-watch that one.

Where did this episode leave us: Steflena? Elefan? is no longer. So now it’s onto Elemon? Damlena?

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele


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