The Big Bang Theory – The 43 Peculiarity


S06xE08 – Sheldon has twenty minutes out of every day that are unaccounted for on his public calendar, Howard is going to out him.  Leonard is all bent out of shape over Penny’s England pal that she’s working on a report with.  Raj and Howard track Sheldon to a storage room during his “alone time” and discover the number 43 written on a blackboard.  Leonard is still stalking Penny’s history class project partner who Leonard finally snuck a peek at and warned him off, which Penny witnessed.  Too bad he confides in Sheldon’s assistant who hits on him, too.  It did lead her to tell Leonard she loved him for the first time. IT’S A WORMHOLE GENERATOR.  43 different wormhole universes tested.  Oh wait, nope.  Sheldon set them up.  Well played.  It’s how many times consecutively he has kicked a hacky sack.

Best of the episode: Penny saying I LOVE YOU. Holy crap did you cry? I cried.

Worst of the episode: Seeing Sheldon’s assistant hit on Leonard made me sad.

Where this episode left us: I’m happy Leonard and Penny have made this progress but it worries me that assisant is hitting on him.

Best one-liner: Leonard – “Can’t talk right now, hanging with my boyfriend, England sucks, you suck, USA #1.”

What this episode ruined for us: Wormholes.


Holler, Jordan


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