Grey’s Anatomy – Second Opinion

Bailey directs!

S09xE06 – Christina is home, Baily is telling Callie that Arizona needs to get her ass back into the hospital now that she is working on her walk. Meredith is selling her house to Alex and he needs some things fixed before he can move forward. But hey, they’re friends? Nope, this is business. The only intern Karev hasn’t slept with is now into him, April and Jackson are still banging. Good lord, now you’re caught up.
A patient is brought in and while lying him down Meredith removes a chunk of his hair. Owen offers Christina a job but he will no longer be her proxy. And oh em gee is this Bailey getting a storyline? She calls Arizona to ask about a kid, which seems more like a prompt to get her out of bed. Jackson has to tell the old chief that he’s been dirty texting him and not his mother. Awkward much?
Christina is back and asking questions about the new cardio guy, everyone now wants to buy Meredith’s house? AND SORRY SIDENOTE CHANDRA WILSON IS DIRECTING THIS GO BAILEY!!!! Christina meets Dr. Russell (not Randall) and he seems like a good dude (don’t sleep with him, Christina).
In the meeting about the plane crash with the lawyers, they need to talk about the emotional turmoil. Christina pretty much does not care. They have to stop thinking the pilot is one of them and start thinking that he may be the reason behind the crash.
Christina is trying to get back up to speed and become the scariest attending again after Meredith kind of took that over. The patient that came in earlier? They think he’s on steroids. He admits he did, so he could impress girls. Didn’t he know what happened to Lance Armstrong? The man who keeps throwing up on little Heigl (Wilson) intern is not on drugs or alcohol as she blamed him (Santa). Owen thinks that he is just looking for drugs but little Heigl believes there is more. He’s freezing so she’s going to go rogue and find out what’s up.
April confronts Jackson about their sex. He is sick of hearing how terrible sex is, nothing against him, but it still takes it’s toll. She compares him to a dessert tray. Aw, poor Jackson.
Bailey calls Arizona to see if she got the chart, obviously forcing her to stand up and walk across the apartment. They lawyer is trying to get Callie and Derek to fib that this crash caused Derek to not be able to operate again. It will raise the reward substantially. Arizona walks across the apartment and breaks a vase. Nothing is there. Arizona is PISSED. Turns out there never was a chart delivered. Smooth, Bailey.
Christina is still being uncooperative. Patient of Russell’s is coughing up blood and he told the nurse to page Christina. Alex and Meredith try to compromise on the house. Alex doesn’t want to be the guy who tries to nail the interns. He wants to grow up. Meredith tries her best to understand.
Owen gets on little Heigl for not discharging Santa Claus. She cut his hair and prettied him up and ordered an abdominal scan. She says maybe if he’s cleaned up his next doctor won’t just discharge him. Aw, that is the most tender thing ever.
Callie and Derek now fight over deciding about the settlement. She wishes they just would have taken it so that they didn’t have to keep reliving it. Arizona calls Bailey as she WALKS around the kitchen. Bailey’s plan is working. Christina is using some of Feeny’s methods on her patient, while quizzing her interns. They are learning so much and loving her. While Meredith and Alex are fighting over the house and turns out their patient has cancer. Santa’s scans come back clean so little Heigl asks if he wants drugs. He says yes, but only asprin for the headaches he gets. Say what? He has migraines. And throws up again. Alex gets on her and tells her to clean up so she goes off on him!
Owen gets upset with Christina because she hijacked Russell’s patient. He is worried that she will get fired. Bailey tells Callie she pushed Arizona into walking. Walking so much that she shows up at the hospital and Callie is ecstatic! The ex chief confronts Jackson that he isn’t upset about his relationship with his mother, but happy and he doesn’t want to admit it. Karev helps little Heigl figure out what is wrong with Santa, it’s a vomiting disease that’s usually found in kids. They will take care of him if he ever needs it.
Dr. Russell is thankful that Christina did what she did. She is very happy. Callie retracts that Shepherd will not operate again. She wants to try more. Jackson tells April that he does have feelings for her and she’s more than just a booty call. Meredith tells Alex all the things that are wrong with the house mean something and she will not change it. He tends to agree.
During yet another meeting with the lawyers the victims are told that they will be pursuing the hospital which includes Owen. Oh hell no. Alex bought the house and Christina asks if she can rent from him. He agrees as long as she buys the toilet paper.

Best of the episode: ALEX. And Arizona walking, thanks Bailey.

Worst of the episode: EVERYTHING WAS GOOD.

Where this episode leaves us: Arizona may come back? How are they going to go after the hospital when they all still work there?

Best one-liner: “You buy the toilet paper.” – Karev

What this episode ruined for us: Vomiting.


Holler, Jordan.


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