Glee – Glease


S04xE06 – Mr. Schue announces that he is taking a brief sabbatical to go to Washington to re-write the arts program. After the glee club is done freaking out, he announces who will be taking over: Finn Hudson. No one is particularly excited about it, but Finn assures them that he can do that. Sue calls them into Principal Figgin’s office. Figgin’s is okay with the idea, but Sue is still enraged.
Back in New York, Rachel tells cute dancer guy who’s name escapes me (BRODY) that she has officially broken up with Finn and now she can focus on work. She also has her first off-broadway audition! Cassandra overhears her and tells her that she will get eaten alive at that audition. Rachel tells Cassandra there is a role she should audition for as well, maybe get back in the game.
At the Grease costume fitting, Kitty rigged Marley’s dress so that she’d appear to have gained weight. Kitty invites all the gals in the play to a sleepover, including Unique. Marley asks her mom if she is going to gain weight like she did, and her mom assures her she can be whoever she wants to be! They will start a strict new diet, together.
Finn apologizes to Sue about calling her baby a retard. She will not accept and he decides to move on. She books the auditorium so Finn needs to find another place to rehearse. He picks the garage where he works, they can method practice. It’s greased lightening! And sidenote, making trouty mouth Kenickie was the best decision ever.
While Rachel and Kurt are debating going back to see Grease, Cassandra tells Rachel she can use her frequent flier miles to go back home, she thinks she’ll regret missing it. Kind of seems like a way to keep her away from Brody/audition. Oooh. Meanwhile back in Ohio, Kitty’s sleepover commences and Kitty tries to teach Marley to vomit up her bad snacks. Kitty takes this opportunity to make fun of Marley, Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee.
The school calls Unique’s parents and they pull him from the play for his safety. Obviously Sue is behind this. No Rizzo, no show. Finn calls in Santana, and Tina’s feelings get hurt. Oy.
Rachel and Kurt return to McKinley and immediately run into Finn and Blaine. Queue Beauty School Dropout.
Danny Zuko catches Marley puking and tells her how dangerous it is, and how she never will end up like her mother. He doesn’t want to kiss a pukey girl. Brittany gives Santana a pep talk before her big Rizzo number, and they both miss each other. Aw. And yes, Cassandra told Rachel to go home so she could hit on Brody. After the play, Mike confronts Tina and asks if they can give it another shot. She says she’s willing to talk about it. Danny Zuko compliments Marley on looking hot, Kitty throws over some insults and they all go on stage. Danny gives her a kiss and mini-Puck watches, afraid he has lost her.
You’re The One That I Want? They cut away from Marley and Danny Zuko to recall the time that awkward Rachel and awkward Finn sang this song in season one. Not going to lie, it’s a little tender. Rachel calls Brody and Cassandra answers. So now, she knows.
Finn catches Rachel coming out of the bathroom crying. He offers to lend an ear. She obviously doesn’t want to discuss Brody with Finn, but he prompts her and figures it out. He offers no contact. Blaine tries to explain to Kurt and Kurt won’t have any of it. They’re done, too.
Mr. Schue gives his goodbye speech and turns the choir over to Finn.

Best of the episode: Hard to say, but weirdly enough the Marley/Ryder (Danny Zuko) storyline was pretty tender.

Worst of the episode: The ongoing drama with Kurt/Blaine and Rachel/Finn possibly being over. I love all of them.

Where this episode leaves us: How will Finn do running glee? What will happen when Rachel returns to New York?

Best one-liner: “I don’t want to kiss a girl with puke breath.” – Ryder

What this episode ruined for us: Dance practice.


Holler, Jordan


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