The New Normal – Unplugged


S01xE08 – Shania rushes in from school to tell her mother about her exciting day. Goldie is exhausted from the baby sucking her energy so Shania suggests a dance party! Goldie is less than thrilled about the idea. She tries to distract Shania with video games so she can take a nap.
David and Bryan are taking an in-home CPR class to prepare for the baby. Bryan is distracted by Twitter, he is getting a bad reputation. Too many tweets make for a dead baby. David is a little frustrated that Bryan (and the CPR nurse lady, at that) are not taking this seriously.
NanaBigot is having lunch with Rocky, it’s a big step for her. Rocky prompts NanaBigot to take online classes for her real estate work instead of going to the Learning Annex. Rocky is going to help her create her online life. Email, website, twitter. NanaBigot is coming into the times and she’s a natural at it.
Bryan and Shania are so caught up in their online life, and now David is just as wrapped up even if his is semi-work related. Goldie is getting annoyed with all of this, and she’s concerned that they are going to be like this with the baby. They decide: tech free Saturday! It’ll help them all bond.
NanaBigot is still big on the internet. She has discovered how bad she can be on twitter and has 422 followers. Rocky is nervous about showing her these things because she isn’t sure where it will go but tries anyway. NanaBigot stumbles upon a video of Bryan titled “For Your Eyes Only”. The video is of him dancing with a cardboard cutout of Bryan. Nana is appalled and figures she can use this to her advantage. She titles it “The Gayest Video Ever.” Bret Easton Ellis got blocked as well, guess she isn’t an American Psycho fan?
Shania is taking their “no technology ban” quite far by dressing as a pilgrim and making them eat by candlelight. Shania is trying to tell them how without the advances of modern technology have helped them. Without technology they have little to say to each other. David excuses himself to the bathroom and checks his fantasy football account. Bryan catches him and gets to check his twitter since they both cheated. OMG HE IS GOING TO FIND THE VIDEO NANABIGOT TWEETED.
Bryan tracks her down. She claims he was “asking” for this. Nothing is private anymore. He is humiliated. On the set of his show, everyone is watching the video. He bans cell phones from the set. Turns out it is getting rave reviews about Bryan being brave. That’s pretty tender. RETWEET PARTY.
Goldie needs to sleep so she gives back her video games to Shania and they are no longer living in the pilgrim ages. David and Bryan are two nights in a row tech free!
David tells Bryan that he loved the video. He loves what they share. Techno free must come to an end so Bryan texts David to get him some water. He does not succeed.

Best of the episode: NO AGENDA (at least not really).

Worst of the episode: The Shania/Goldie storyline was a little boring. But not totally awful. I’m surprised that I have little bad to say about this episode.

Where does this episode leave us: Honestly the episode really didn’t progress in any way.

Best one-liner: Bryan sends this tweet – “Sting should do a cover of Toto’s Africa, love or hate?” OMG TOTO/AFRICA REFERENCE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME KTHXBAI.

What this episode ruined for us: Old people and technology, but that’s already ruined.


Holler, Jordan


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