Suburgatory – Wishbone

S02xE05 – George is hosting Thanksgiving at his home this year, and his plan is for he and Dallas to cook together. Tessa has been invited to go to her grandma’s home for dinner because her mom whom she’s never met is supposed to attend. George is more than cool about this surprisingly, and so Tessa is on her way. George is trying to cook dinner, but Dallas is no help, and George is not a cook, so he asks chef Alan to help. Alan gets offended because he thought he was invited as a guest, but really it was to cook. Oh well.

Tessa arrives at her grandmother’s apartment for dinner, but her mother isn’t there yet. In fact she doesn’t show at all. So a disappointed Tessa leaves after dinner to head home. When she gets home she finds her mother sitting on the couch with all of George’s guests surrounding her. Tessa is a little overwhelmed and heads up to her room where her mother follows, and they talk and get to know each other before mom passes out on the floor from jet lag. Tessa tells George she was glad she got to meet her, but it’s not apparent that anything further will happen. Her mom is kind of flighty.

On the brief third story of the episode, Lisa invites Malik to dinner with her family, and as he comes to dinner straight from playing sports, he decides to take a shower and cleanup before dinner. Sheila walks in on Malik as he’s stepping out of the shower, and it’s an awkward yet mature conversation they have about the situation. Lisa happens to walk by and sees what’s happening and screams. She’s very upset not only that it happened, but that everyone is being so casual about it. She doesn’t like this and ends up breaking up with Malik. I think she overreacted slightly, but it was super creepy that her family and Malik were so ok with how it went down.

Best of the episode: Tessa finally getting to meet her mother.

Worst of the episode: Malik and Lisa breaking up.

Where did this episode leave us?:  Tessa has finally met her long lost mother, and so this could be another branch on the show tree, or this could fade away. It should be interesting to see if Tessa builds a relationship with her, or if her mother really even has a desire to.

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele


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