Parenthood – Together

S04xE07 – Kristina is preparing to undergo chemotherapy after having had surgery to remove the tumor. Adam has enlisted Camille to assist Kristina while she is healing from the surgery, but Kristina isn’t wanting help. That is unless it’s her own mother, who doesn’t seem to have the time. Crosby helps Adam relax a bit by taking him out for a drink, and getting Adam to let go of his feelings and thoughts. Amber’s relationship with Ryan has escalated to Sarah’s delight once she finds out Amber has Ryan over at her place the next morning. When Zeek finds out, he’s not as thrilled about the news, and this is because he’s worried Ryan isn’t ready for a relationship having come back from war not too long ago. Julia and Joel continue to try connecting with Victor, and they’ve found that by having Victor’s friend from his old neighborhood come to play helps greatly. Julia then decides to learn Spanish in an attempt to further connect with Victor. Drew makes an attempt to converse with Amy having heard she’s sick, but the meeting doesn’t go well with her new boyfriend present. When Amy confronts Drew at school, he lets her know that he’s going through a lot, with having just moved, and his aunt being sick. Amy stops by later and expresses her concern for what Drew is going through, and they end up kissing. Kristina and Adam go to Kristina’s first chemotherapy treatment, and she wears a sweater that Camille gave to her. This sweater has been worn by six previous women that have also undergone the same treatment.

Best of the episode: Kristina and Camille having a moment before Kristina goes off to treatment.

Worst of the episode: Drew’s awkward attempt to visit Amy.

Where this episode left us: Kristina has undergone her first chemotherapy treatment, so there are bound to be a lot of stories upcoming of how that’s going.

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.



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