Modern Family – Mistery Date

S04xE08 – Mitchell and Cam have a surprise baby gift for Jay and Gloria. Well Cam does, Mitchell isn’t as thrilled. So Cam spends the better part of the day trying to keep Gloria away from the house and the nursery while the gift is being “assembled”. Mitchell is given the task to keep Jay away. So they go shopping for the baby and get a crib. When all is said and done, they return to the house where Cam is showing Gloria the gift which happens to be a mural of Jay, Gloria and Manny on the wall. It’s very similar to the one that Lily has in her room. It’s frightening, but Gloria loves it, and Jay says he does too. He doesn’t want to hurt Cam’s feelings.

Phil has the house to himself for the weekend, and is enjoying his time by going to the gym and making a new friend. He then invites this friend over to the house to watch a football game. This friend happens to be gay and thinks he’s going on a date with Phil. He also happens to be friends with Cam, who he calls and gets advice on what to do. Everything goes pretty well up until the end when Phil spills margarita all over the both of them, and they both take their shirts off for Phil to dry. Friend guy thinks this is a move and is all hot and sticky (from the margarita), and when he thinks Phil is going to make a move, he puts a stop to it, and says he needs to leave. It’s too soon for him having just got out of a recent relationship, and he kisses Phil goodbye. Phil finally catches on, and he seems flattered. Aw.

Best of the episode: Matthew Broderick playing Phil’s gay love interest.

Worst of the episode: The mural. I love Cam, but man those murals are things of nightmares.

Where did this episode leave us?: Jay and Gloria now have their own freaky mural on their wall. I wonder how Manny feels about it….

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele


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