New Girl – Menzies


S02xE07 – While discussing the bills, Jess feels as if inanimate objects count as methods of payment while Schmidt disagrees.  They have been covering her too long and they cannot keep doing it.  He threatens to turn off the gas until she can pay him.  GET A JOB, ninny.  PMSing, can you blame that?  Nick thinks no, even though he’s irrationally angry 365 days a year. 
Nick is relaxing on a park bench when he yells at a smiling Asian man for no reason.  Maybe this man will be his Grandma Willow and help him.  He vents all of his frustrations to him and tells him his life story.  the Asian man says nothing, only giggles.
It helps Nick know that he has an anger problem and needs to change.
Schmidt is at dinner with CeCe and Robbie when he tells a story that stars his attractive co-worker, Emma.  CeCe is a little weirded out that Robbie finds her to be the “nice” girl.
Gas is off.  Schmidt will not pay it out of principle.  Winston tells Schmidt that he thinks he is having sympathy PMS for Jess.  Something is wrong and he is very concerned.  Schmidt tries not to laugh but thinks he’s irrational.  Jess is upset there is not hot water and Schmidt stands his ground.  Nick arrives to tell everyone about his revelation with creepy Asian guy.  After realizing that the hot water is off Nick gets his rage back.  Quick, find Asian guy.
Schmidt gets called into Emma’s office and asks her to do him on a really thick contract.  Turns out it’s an agreement that if they do it they are safe and covered by all of the office policies and Emma’s policies as well.
Nick finds Asian guy and tries to give him a name since he won’t talk.  He guesses Tran which he believes is right because Tran smiles.  Tran offers his hand to show Nick the way to happiness (I hope it’s a tree or river or something).
Jess is at an interview and she’s feeling stinky because she did not get to shower.  She is interviewing to teach adults.  Her interviewer shows her a photo of her dog that is named after Boo Radley, and Jess gets emotional over how small the dog is and the fact that the dog is also dead.  Well, there goes that interview.
CeCe complains to Schmidt that she is NOT the nice girl, she is the mistake.  She seems to want to ruin this thing with Robbie so she starts hitting on Schmidt, and of course he responds and kisses her.  She realizes her mistake and pulls away, she has a qualm.  He tells her that he will never stop wanting to kiss her, and she feels that he helped her realize that she is okay.  So of course he takes out Emma’s contract to ponder.
Tran brings Nick to a pool.  He starts to tell him to get undressed.  Hey it’s a pool, not a river but I was close.  Time for some creepy male healing/bonding.  He takes Nick into the pool and cradles him like a baby while a woman plays a flute in the background.  “You are a huge baby,” Tran says.  Nick admits.
Jess and Winston are relishing in their menstrualness.  Nick arrives rejuvenated.  He tries to discuss Jess’s issues with her.  He takes her to the healing pool.  She is very uncooperative.  He gives her a harsh dose of reality that it is not PMS, it’s her being down after losing her job.  GET BACK UP JESS.  Tran agrees.
Schmidt meets with Emma to discuss the contrat, he makes a few suggestions and they are good to go.  He undermines her authority (rejects her) and legally he can’t, but where she has bound him with leather he has a rough time but eventually succeeds.   And hey, the gas is back on.  Jess got a job teaching creative writing to adults!  Too bad Winston is still menstrual.  But it’s not PMS, it’s depression.  He misses Shelby.  I think he’s going to the pool, too.

Best of the episode: Nick’s relationship with Tran was adorable.

Worst of the episode: Lot’s of period talk. SIIIIICK.

Where this episode leaves us: What will become of CeCe and Robbie?

Best one-liner: Schmidt – “Maybe a cold shower will wake you up to some harsh financial realities, Jessica Day.”

What this episode ruined for us: To Kill A Mockingbird. PUPPYYYYYY.


Holler, Jordan


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