Mike & Molly – Yard Sale

S03xE06 – Mike and the boys are going fishing to help Carl forget about his breakup, while Molly holds a yard sale. The idea is to get rid of all the crap in the basement, and convert that into an apartment for Mike and Molly until they can afford their own home. It’s not a bad idea provided she can unload the goods.

So as the guys ready to leave for their fishing trip, Molly has the yard set up for her sale. Harry shows up with his RV he inherited from his grandfather, and he’s pretty proud of it. Samuel and Harry start shopping the yard sale while they wait for Carl to show up. When Carl does show up it’s only by the force of his grandma. Carl is Pouty McPouterson right now and doesn’t want to go on the trip at all. But Carl doesn’t get a choice in this according to grandma.

So as the guys set off on their trip, Molly starts receiving her first yard sale customers, and she’s not got the best of customer service skills. But to her defense the buyers aren’t the brightest of the bunch to begin with. As she’s dealing with a customer trying to get a shoe in a different size and color, up walks Peggy. She’s a little peeved that Molly didn’t let her know about the sale personally, but that she had to find it out in the paper. Putting feelings aside though, Peggy turns out to be a heck of a haggler with the customers, and Molly decides that they make a great team. So Peggy sticks around to help sale the crap for a cut of the profit.

The guys are at their campsite enjoying their time away, but Carl is still sulking about his breakup and having to be on the trip. Harry is going on and on about how his grandfather and “best friend” would have great fun in the RV together, and loved listening to Judy Garland. When Vince tells Harry his grandpa was gay, Harry is adamant that isn’t true. Carl is inside the RV sulking some more, when Mike goes in to check on him. Carl apologizes for ruining the trip, and Mike tells him he needs to buck up, he’s not the only one who’s gone through a breakup. After more talking, they seem to patch things up by Mike touching Carl’s abs and Vince walking in on them. Good times.

Molly is down in the basement getting her tap dancing on. She seems pretty happy and from the looks of it she’s unloaded all of the crap. Mike comes down watching her tap dance, as well as film it, and they talk about how they will convert the basement into their apartment eventually, but until then Mike wants it to be his man cave. Too bad Molly sold all his big boy toys at the yard sale.

Best of the episode: Molly tap dancing, she’s pretty darn good!

Worst of the episode: Carl acting like a child over his breakup. He’s driving me crazy this season.

Where did this episode leave us?: Mike and Molly should be getting their own space soon. I actually like the idea of them living with her parents because they’re not able to afford their own home yet. This is more realistic than most tv shows, and it’s refreshing.

Best one-liner: Sorry I suck, i don’t have one this week. 

What the episode ruined for us: Carl


– a la Chryshele


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