Hawaii Five-0 – I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)

S03xE06 – The Five-0 team have stumbled upon a terrorist plot in the works. So as the team try to diffuse the plot, Danny gets caught in the middle. Danny now has a bomb with its eye on him. Literally. So McGarrett tries to distract Danny while they try to disarm the bomb. Danny tells the story of when he found out that Rachel was pregnant, and also how that same day should have been his last. He tells his story of how he and his partner back in Jersey tracked down a drug ring, and it went wrong. His partner, Grace, ends up getting killed, and Danny ends up breaking free and killing the men that held him hostage. We find out this all went down on 9/11. The bomb targeting Danny has been disarmed and he is able to make it to the daddy-daughter dance with his own little Grace.

Best of the episode: Getting more back story on Danny when he was in Jersey. It was interesting to learn of how his daughter got her name.

Worst of the episode: A Kardashian/Jenner girl getting a cameo. I don’t even know which one, but honestly none of them should be getting the publicity they do.

Where this episode leaves us: Danny was able to make it to the daddy-daughter dance like he promised.

Apologies on the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will be better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele


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