Go On – Videogame, Set, Match

S01xE08 – There’s a new girl at Ryan’s work, and she’s pretty cute. All the guys think so, even Carrie does too. Ryan showed his appreciation for her cuteness by shooting the t-shirt gun at a window. Smooth.

At group Yolanda has decided that she’s ready to graduate and leave. She decided this when her fiance who left her at the alter, got remarried and she watched from the broom closet. She totally sounds ready to leave the group. After Yolanda makes her announcement, Ryan and Owen make plans to play Halo. Ryan invites him over to his place, but Owen says he has a big tv so they can do it at his, they’re both spoiled and Ryan thinks this makes them compatible.

So Ryan and Owen spend the entire night playing Halo and well into the morning. They only stop playing because Owen’s mom interrupts them questioning who the grown man is playing games all night with her son. Ryan tries to smooth things over by saying he invited Owen over to his house for a sleepover, but that doesn’t sit well with mom. Or with anyone for that matter. Owen’s mom tells Ryan that if he’s going to spend time with Owen that it needs to be helping Owen get out of the house and do something, not spend more time inside.

So Ryan takes Owen to work as an intern. Owen’s ready for the paperwork, but Ryan has more Halo in mind, so that’s what they do. When they take a break, it’s to coo over new girl Kimmy in her cute little outfit and cheerful personality. And then it’s more Halo time.

While Ryan and Owen are engaged in the Halo world, the group holds a graduation ceremony for Yolanda. Lauren is way too excited for the ceremony and honestly to ring the gong, that when Yolanda wants to cancel the ceremony because she’s decided she’s not ready to leave, the group stops her because she needs to let Lauren have this moment. So they force Yolanda to graduate and leave, but this has consequences. The group reassured her that she would still see them because they are still her friends, so Yolanda uses this to her advantage and calls meetings up to four times a day with everyone. Soon the group of people starts to lessen the more Yolanda requests their presence. Even Mr. K doesn’t want to be with Yolanda. That’s pretty bad.

At work Owen has dressed up a bit, and they figure he’s got a crush on someone, at first Ryan thinks it’s Carrie, but soon learns Owen’s got a thing for Kimmy. So Ryan encourages him to go ask her out. Owen does, but gets rejected. Kimmy’s crying because she hurt coma boy’s feelings, and Owen’s hurt because he put himself out there and got burned. Owen is so upset that he won’t take Ryan’s calls and so Ryan goes to talk to Owen’s mom. She tells him and then yells at him, that Owen doesn’t need a Halo co-player, he need someone to look up to and listen to him, and guide him. Ryan takes this information in, and tracks Owen down online playing Halo. They have a sweet heartfelt talk before some jerk shows up and shoots them both down.

Ryan thinks the best way to help Owen is to get him to go see his brother in the hospital. Owen thinks that it will be super funny to play a prank on Ryan and tell him some random guy who’s napping is his comatose brother and that he just can’t see him, but wants to give him his ring. Oh and that his brother always use to sing Lean On Me to him repeatedly until Owen would join in. He asks Ryan if he would go in and give his brother the ring and sing him the song. So Ryan does and when the guy wakes up, Ryan thinks it’s a miracle from his singing, and Owen is laughing. Poor Ryan.

After the good laugh Ryan gets Owen to actually visit his brother in the hospital and it’s a sweet moment with Ryan promising he’s just outside the door if Owen needs him. After, the whole group shows up to Yolanda’s house, (she threw a tantrum when she stopped by therapy and told everyone they sucked) and they’re all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. She had mentioned she wanted to have a Halloween party with  that as a theme. They all make up and welcome her back into the group. Oh and Mr. K actually has a job. Didn’t see that one coming.

Ryan and Owen have conquered Halo and so Ryan tells Owen to get another game out of the closet, and when Owen does so, an urn drops onto the floor spreading ashes everywhere. Ryan’s upset because Owen just broke his wife, but Ryan doesn’t hold the mad face for very long, and then he starts singing Lean On Me. Gotcha Owen!

Best of the episode: The practical jokes. Especially Owen’s. They’re so sick, but man they were funny.

Worst of the episode: Again no George. Seriously where is he??? I’m getting worried.

Where does this episode leave us: Owen and Ryan have bonded, which I think is good for the both of them. And no one is near ready to leave the group yet. So no worries there either.

Best one-liner:  Lauren – “You know, chuckin’ the corn, beating the baby, whatever you guys call it.” Ryan – “What guys have you been hanging out with? Nothing, none of what you just said was anything.”

What this episode ruined for us: Gongs


– a la Chryshele


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