The Walking Dead – Say the Word

S03xE05 – Story One: Woodbury is full of happy right now, the residents are having a barbeque, and the Governor is privately stroking his walker daughter’s hair. It’s all going well until he rips out a chunk sending his deadly daughter into a fit. As he’s struggling to retrain her, the Governor catches Michonne staring at him from down on the street below. 

The Governor heads down after safely putting his daughter wherever he’s keeping her, and  toasts the townspeople in celebration for creating a safe environment they can call home. During the celebrations, Michonne takes the opportunity to go up to the Governor’s quarters and retrieve her beloved sword/machette, and then proceeds to do some snooping. But she’s interrupted by the Governor, Merle and the Doctor come up to get more drinkage. Michonne goes out the back and starts to wander around. She comes upon a cage with a bunch of walkers in it. It’s obvious they’re being held for something, so Michonne decides to ruin the plans, and breaks open the cage releasing the walkers. She then proceeds to kill every single one of them. This earns her an apprehension and discussion with the Governor. Here he tells her that she is useful in the town and he would like her to stay.

After Michonne leaves, the Governor calls Andrea in where he tells her about Michonne’s actions, and how she needs to be reigned in. So Andrea goes to talk to Michonne who is packing readying to leave the town. Andrea not wanting to leave, but not wanting Michonne to leave is torn. She packs along with Michonne, and as they head toward the exit, they’re stopped by Merle. Michonne convinced that they’re not going to let them leave contrary to what the Governor said, is almost happy that Merle is hesitating.This helps prove her point to Andrea that the town is up to no good, but when Merle permits them to leave, Michonne is shocked, but also relieved. This makes Andrea hesitate herself, and she decides she’s not going to leave. Michonne upset parts ways and heads out on her own.

That night the Governor takes Andrea by the arm and they head off to what looks like a town event. And boy is it ever. Here we get to watch what looks to be a gladiator like fight with humans surrounded by chained walkers. It almost looks like a fight to the death as the chains on the walkers are loosened as the fight goes on. Merle is one of the contenders, and wins the fight, but Andrea is appalled at this display, and calls it barbaric. The Governor reassures her that it’s staged and it helps the townspeople blow off steam. Andrea to me has seen the light, and she may plot to leave herself in the near future.

Story Two: Rick is clearly distraught by the news of Lori’s death. He’s not hearing reason, or anything for that matter. He grabs an axe lying on the ground and heads into the prison slaughtering walkers as he goes deeper and deeper inside.

Meanwhile Hershel informs the group that the baby is healthy, but needs formula immediately or it won’t survive. So Maggie and Daryl head off to find baby supplies. Those that stay behind have the prisoners dig three graves for Lori, T-Dog and Carol. Glenn and Hershel talk privately about losing three of their own in one day because of one person. Glenn contemplates whether they should have killed all of the prisoners from the start.

Maggie and Daryl come upon a daycare center where they are able to find a decent amount of baby supplies as well as dinner in the form of a possum. Mmm mmm good. They gather all the supplies they can and head back to the prison. When they arrive, we have a tender moment where Daryl takes the baby into his arms and feeds her a bottle. This is why we all love Daryl. He’s a badass with a heart. They all then ask Carl if he’s chosen a name for his baby sister yet, and he lists off a bunch of names, not having fully decided on just one, but all of the names listed are people who have died along the way.

Glenn heads into the prison to find Rick, and is able to do so by following the bloody walker remains trail. There he finds Rick in a daze and unresponsive. Glenn tries to console him, but it doesn’t work. Instead Rick holds Glenn up against a wall and you think for a minute that may be the last we see of Glenn, but then Rick lets him go and walks away off into the prison again.

Rick wandering around finds the boiler room where Lori had the baby and died. I’m not sure how he knew this is where she was, but he did. When he goes to where Lori should be, he finds that her body is nowhere to be found. You watch Rick pick up a slug which I’m guessing is the one Carl supposedly shot into Lori’s brain, but it doesn’t look like he did. Rick then turns to see a walker with a huge belly sitting not too far from where the body should have been. It appears that the walker ate Lori. So Rick takes it out on the walker and when he’s done he slumps down against a wall and continues his daze. That is until he hears a phone ringing. He gets up to answer it saying “Hello?”

Best of the episode: Andrea seeing that Woodbury isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. And finally Michonne showing her badassery instead of the constant grumpy look she’s had all season.

Worst of the episode: The Woodbury gladiator fight. I have to agree with Andrea, it’s pretty barbaric.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing the Governor is harboring his walker daughter, Michonne has left the town, the baby still doesn’t have a name, Rick has received a mysterious phone call, Carol and Lori may not be dead. I have a theory about this: Carl didn’t shoot Lori in the head like he leads you to believe, Carol isn’t dead, she just shed her head wrap she was wearing. Carol is wandering around trying to stay safe, and happens upon Lori in the boiler room. Having practiced a c-section she is able to attend to Lori’s wound and they are together somewhere safe. We shall see how this all pans out.

Best one-liner: Daryl’s name for the baby – “ass-kicker”.

What the episode ruined for us: A lot. They have seriously upped the disgusting factor this season.


– a la Chryshele


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