Once Upon A Time – Child of the Moon

S02xE07 – Diamonds have been discovered by Grumpy in the mines. These diamonds can be ground up into fairy dust and with Jefferson’s hat, the combination can create a portal to the other world where Snow and Emma are. Well in theory that is. 

Story One: In Storybrooke Ruby is concerned because it’s the first full moon since the curse has been broken. She’s been unable to locate her hood that keeps her from transforming, and so she’s preparing for the worst. Ruby and Granny have cleared out the giant freezer at the diner in hopes that it will hold her for the night.

The next morning Granny finds that the freezer didn’t hold Ruby at all, so she enlists David’s help in finding Ruby. When they do find her, she is distraught and very worried that she may have killed someone because she doesn’t remember anything. David’s trying to reassure her that she didn’t, but when he gets a call that Billy (Gus Gus) is missing, and tracks down his tow truck finding Billy dead, everyone starts to have second thoughts. Well only Ruby does.

David is set out to prove that she didn’t kill Billy, but gets side tracked by his “father” King George who has a vendetta out against him and is determined to turn the town against him. Putting that aside he continues to try and help Ruby, and they find a new location to hold her which happens to be in the library. It doesn’t last long because Ruby tricks Belle and disappears, determined not to hurt anyone when she turns again.

So David gets Granny to help locate Ruby, but ends up sniffing out her hood which is hidden in the trunk of King George’s car. He has set Ruby up to get back at David. His plan to get the town to turn on David is in the works, and King George is doing a bang up job so far, as he’s gathered a sizable amount of the towns folk ready to lynch Ruby, but when David intervenes and explains that King George was actually behind Billy’s murder, the town believes him and King George goes on the run.

David tracks him down where he’s standing by a fire waiting for David to find him. There George reveals he has Jefferson’s hat and tosses it into the fire. Without the hat, the fairy dust is rendered useless, and the likelihood of getting Emma and Snow back is very slim now.

Story Two: In Fairy Tale Land Red and Snow are on the run from the King’s men. While Red separates from Snow because her hood has been torn and she’s unsure if she will turn or not. When she wakes the next morning to find that her hood did it’s job and kept her from turning, she’s overjoyed. She goes down to the water to wash up, removing her hood. A young man runs by and steals her hood and Red chases after him. When she catches up she finds him holding fire to the hood threatening to burn it. She attacks him and after a tussle he reveals himself to be a wolf as well. He then takes her to an underground lair where several wolves are living. Red is introduced to her mother, who teaches her how to control the wolf inside her.

Red learns that she can turn and still remember who she is, and what she’s done the next day. She feels free and is grateful to have her mother in her life once again. She had been told by her Granny that her parents were dead, when the truth is that Granny took Red away as a baby to shelter her from the truth about the wolf.

Red seems happy in her new element, but when Snow shows up looking for Red, her new family and friends are a little upset about Snow’s arrival. And to make matters worse, the King’s men followed Snow. The wolves proceed to defend themselves, but the young man who led Red there gets killed in the process.

Red’s mother is upset and blames Snow for ruining things, and when Red comes to her defense, it only angers her mother more. Red is then given an ultimatum to either choose Snow or the wolf pack, and Red chooses Snow. Red’s mother is furious, and there’s a brawl and Red’s mother doesn’t survive. It’s sad, but Red reveals that Snow is her family and she will always defend her. Aw.

Story Three: Henry is continuing to have the nightmare that Aurora is having as well. And from what we see Henry and Aurora are in the same nightmare, and it’s a very real nightmare. So real that when Henry awakes he’s got a burn on his hand. The next time we see the nightmare, we see that Henry is somehow able to control the fire, and speaks to Aurora telling her his name (we don’t hear that part, so we just have to believe Aurora), and when Aurora tells this to Snow and Emma, you see a gleam of hope in their eyes.

Best of the episode: David standing up to King George and winning against the townspeople, even though it cost him Jefferson’s hat and the chance to see his wife and daughter again.

Worst of the episode: Gus Gus/Billy being killed so quickly. I always loved Gus Gus.

Where did this episode leave us?: The possibility that there may be a way to get Emma and Snow back to Storybrooke through the nightmare Aurora and Henry both have.

Best one-liner: Belle – “You have wolf hearing too?” Granny – “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel.”

What the episode ruined for us: Industrial freezers as proper holding cells for wolves.


– a la Chryshele


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