How I Met Your Mother – Splitsville


S08xE06 – Nick and Robin are still going strong with the exception of their sex life, Marshall joined a basketball league with his lawyer buddies, and the five of them are hanging out again eating Chinese like old times. After Victoria and Ted broke up he also joined a basketball league called the T-Squares. Architects and basketball, they spend the entire time analyzing the gym. Robin is starting to realize that Nick is dumb now that they’re not having sex and they’re talking more. Robin is debating dumping him and Marshall is trying to defend his honor because he is afraid of losing to him at basketball. Robin tried to break up with him but go really distracted with his abs. Turns out he gave his identity info to a fortune teller. Barney threatens her with ROBIN AND PATRICE BFF FUN DAY.
Barney tells her about Splitsville, a certified break up place and ice cream shop. Robin takes Nick there, and tries to give him subtle hints but being as he’s dumb he is not following. Not seeing each other = lights out during sex, not working out = more going to the gym together. Nick gets a very distressful phone call though he will not explain what is wrong and now Robin cannot break up with him.
Ted’s team is still not doing well in the league, Robin tells Barney that he needs to delete the BFF FUN DAY invite because Nick got some bad news. Marshall is happy about this because it means he could lose. Turns out the phone call is just that he can’t play basketball for weeks because of his groin injury. NO. MARSHALL IS UPSET. Robin starts getting all hot and bothered because Nick says they can start doing it again and Barney shows up to say that he and Robin are in love.
Barney is now telling Nick that he LOVES Robin and it’s getting really uncomfortable but I think he is sincere and so does Robin. Oy. Is this for real? Meanwhile Ted confronts Marshall and Lily about the fact that they haven’t had sex because they baby interrupts them and they are so tense and really need to do it. Ted babysits for a bit and they get it on.
Barney walks Robin home and is very proud of his acting job. She tells him he was very convincing, they touch each other and…Barney keeps denying he loves her. Until they don’t kiss because her phone rings. OMG PATRICE.
Ted’s basketball team breaks up with him at Splitsville. Sadface!

Best of the episode: THE RETURN OF PATRICE! And hey I didn’t gag over the thought of Barney and Robin.

Worst of the episode: Lack of Ted.

Where this episode leaves us: I think we’ll be seeing Robin and Barney fairly soon fall back in love.

Best one-liner: Nick – “It feels like i have a pulled groin muscle in my heart.”

What this episode ruined for us: Trips to the ice cream shop.


Holler, Jordan


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