Greys, Glee and Revenge, OH MY!

Apologies to any readers that watch these shows. I’ve had somewhat of a family situation that began on Thursday so I will not be posting recaps of these three shows. However I did watch them so I’ll give you a best and worst of each episode just to tide y’all over.

Grey’s Anatomy, S09xE05Beautiful Doom

Best of the episode: Seeing some light on the Christina/Meredith friendship.

Worst of the episode: THEY KILLED OFF FEENY!

Glee, S04xE05The Role You Were Born To Play

Best of the episode: MIKE CHANG.

Worst of the episode: That they’re not doing Grease 2 as their musical. Stupid regular Grease.

Revenge, S02xE07Penance

Best of the episode: Yay, Mason Tredwell is taken care of. And this was my favorite episode of the season thus far.

Worst of the episode: Poor Nolan, he gives and gives and gets nothing in return.

Holler, Jordan.


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