Dexter – Chemistry

S07xE07 – So Dexter and Hannah are wrapping up their “date” by having just done the dirty on the table Hannah was bound to five minutes prior. Yeah so that killing went out the window. Deb and Price are wrapping up their date too. Price is putting on the moves, but Deb isn’t buying. At least not yet. But as she walks him to the door he kisses her. Aw Deb likes this!

Dexter takes Hannah home the next morning and Price happens to be watching from across the street. Dexter approaches him, and Price tells him the blood spatter analysis makes sense now. He knows that Dexter is covering for Hannah. Dexter restrains himself from him natural impulse to kill Price and instead offers Price a trade. He will give him information regarding Randall’s last words in exchange for Price keeping quiet about Dexter and Hannah. Price agrees to the exchange, for now.

At the precinct, La Guerta receives information that Isaak’s attorneys are requesting analysis of the blood samples they took at the murder scene linking Isaak to the killing of the Colombian’s. The only problem is that the blood sample is missing from evidence, because Quinn stole it and now they are screwed. So Dexter and Masuka suggest they can go back to the crime scene to try and gather additional blood samples, but when they get there, they find the whole scene has been tampered with by a busted sewage line. Convenient. Those darn Koshkas. Now Isaak is going to be set free on a technicality. Bad news for Dexter.

Price is convinced that Hannah killed her husband and he’s out to prove it. Price has even convinced Deb of this, and she has gone to Hannah’s husband’s sister for permission to have his body exhumed to collect tissue samples for tracing the plant she uses to poison her victims. Deb has got the permission of the sister, and the body has been exhumed and is in the coroner’s office. When the casket is opened they find that the body wasn’t embalmed, at the instruction of Hannah, and has decayed to bone. There is no way to test for the poisoning now.

Deb upset about the body, pulls Hannah in for questioning, but Hannah plays it cool and doesn’t feed anything of use to Deb. As she leaves, Hannah gives a fiery look to Dexter. He meets up with her a little later and Hannah tells Dexter that she has agreed to do an interview with Price for his book, to get him off Dexter’s back. So at the interview, Hannah puts on an amazing performance while describing how she killed the woman as a teen when she was with Randall. While Hannah is doing the interview, she offers Price some lemonade to which he declines, and continues to chew on his pen. Price thinking Hannah poisoned her husband is smart to think she’s poisoned the lemonade as well.

Dexter is enjoying a sandwich out by the docks when Isaak shows up and plants himself down in a seat. He asks Dexter why he killed Viktor, and Dexter tells him because Viktor killed Mike. Isaak knows that’s not entirely true, and says so. Dexter then tells Isaak how he killed Viktor and that Isaak would end up the same way. Isaak is visibly upset and threatens Dexter saying Dexter will regret telling him that. Nice work Dex.

Quinn feeling guilty about stealing the blood and taking a payoff from the Koshka decides to make things right with Batista by investing $10,000 into Batista’s bar idea he has. Batista is taken with emotion, and so am I because freaking Quinn is laundering his Koshka money through Batista. This is angering.

After the interview is done, Price heads over to Dexter’s to basically go back on his word. But Dexter has a plan up his sleeve where he will pin Price for one of the murders he wrote about in one of his books. As he’s telling Price about how he collected DNA from Price’s home, Price becomes upset and clutches his chest. He then passes out and hits his head in the process. Jamie happens to come around the corner after this has happened, and Dexter tells her to call 911. Price is pronounced dead, but not from the head wound, so they will have to do an autopsy, but Deb already knows and so does Dexter that Hannah is the culprit.

Dexter goes to Hannah’s house and confronts her about killing Price. She tells Dexter that she did it for him by poisoning his pen and that it won’t be detectable. Dexter tells Hannah he already had a plan in the works, and this just ruined things because Price died in his apartment. The argument seems to light the fire underneath them, and they end up in bed together. As they’re sleeping, Dexter’s phone rings and it’s Deb on the other line. The tox screen came back and there’s no indication of poison in Price’s system. Hannah got away with it again, but Deb isn’t going to let that happen, and she asks Dexter to kill Hannah for her. It has to be done she says. Holy crap!

Best of the episode: Dexter’s face when Deb tells him to kill Hannah as she’s sleeping right next to him. Classic.

Worst of the episode: Deb’s conflicting stance on Dexter. One day she’s against him killing, the next she’s asking him to kill. Her standards are very grey right now.

Where this episode leaves us: Dexter having major feelings for Hannah. This is bad news for him now that Deb has asked him to kill her. Also Dexter now has Isaak on his back again, so this should prove to cause a few problems for him.

Best one-liner: Deb – “I can’t even have a drink with someone without them dying.”

What this episode ruined for us: Pretty plants.


– a la Chryshele


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