The Vampire Diaries – The Killer

S04xE05 – Stefan and Klaus have teamed up to find the cure and have chosen to keep it from everyone, but Stefan is contemplating telling Damon, which makes Klaus uneasy. Damon is uneasy himself after learning that Connor broke loose from Klaus’ entrapment.

Connor free from Klaus’ grip has stopped by the Grill and taken Jeremy, Matt and April hostage. April who has had her mind wiped one too many times has no idea what’s going on. Jeremy is intrigued to learn more about the mysterious tattoo, and the traps Connor is setting inside the Grill for the vampire friends that are sure to come to their rescue. Matt is busy trying to find a way out of the Grill without blowing themselves up in the process.

Caroline has stopped by the Lockwood residence and finds Hayley, Tyler’s friend has been staying there for a few days. Caroline is of course jealous and overreacts to the news. Her icy exterior says it all. Tyler explains to Caroline that he would have never broke the sire bond with Klaus without Hayley’s help, and that they are nothing more than friends. Caroline thaws a bit, but not much.

Bonnie is with Professor Shane trying to hone in her magic skills, but lacks the confidence in herself to actually perform anything of merit. Professor Shane speaks with her about needing to let go of the fears she has and to focus only on the magic at hand. She’s given a small task to light the candle sitting in front of her, and so she closes her eyes and focuses on the task, but when she opens her eyes and sees the candle unlit, she’s thinks she’s failed until Shane shows her that she lit all of the other candles in the room. Seriously who has that many candles just sitting around?

Damon, Stefan and Elena have got word about the hostage situation at the Grill and Elena of course wants to join in the efforts to rescue them, and of course Stefan won’t have any of that tom foolery from either Elena or Damon. So Stefan knocks Damon out with verbane and leaves Elena to tend to him. Stefan informs Klaus of the happenings, and Klaus sends one of his hybrids over, but the hybrid doesn’t get past Connor’s booby trap very well when he makes his way into the Grill. Just before the explosion both Matt and Stefan remember there are underground tunnels that travel to the Grill. So Matt from the kitchen tries to gain access, while Stefan comes from the other end. When the booby trap goes off on the hybrid, Stefan takes his chance to enter the Grill from the tunnel.

Stefan tries to assess the situation now from the inside, but Connor spots him, and a rain of gunfire falls upon him. Elena who is down the street can hear the commotion, and wakes Damon only to find that Stefan also took Damon’s daylight ring. He really didn’t want any help on this one. No daylight ring doesn’t stop Damon from taking off leaving Elena by herself. Elena who is not about to let it all go down without her, goes to the Grill and tries to talk Connor out of killing Stefan and Jeremy, but she ends up having to give herself away, and through a struggle, Jeremy gets shot. No worries Elena heals him.

Connor ends up getting apprehended, and guided through the tunnels by Stefan likely back into the custody of Klaus, but gets interrupted by Damon who is furious that one Stefan stole his ring and two that Connor isn’t dead yet. Stefan releases Connor from his grip and tells him to run while he takes care of his brother, but Damon over-powers Stefan and threatens to remove his heart if Stefan doesn’t tell him why he’s protecting Connor. Stefan finally spills the beans, and just as Connor thinks he’s going to get away, up shows Elena who kills Connor and the chance at the cure.

Elena is next seen burying Connor and not handling the kill very well. She’s just not taking to the vampirism like the others, and this proves to be worse when she’s at home and starts seeing things. Looks like there’s a problem. Jeremy himself has a problem when the vampire hunter tattoo shows up on his hand. It seems he’s next in line! This shall be interesting.

Best of the episode: Jeremy giving April a chance at having a memory. I’m thinking she’s going to be learning a lot of truths very soon.

Worst of the episode: Elena having killed Connor, and now having to live with that fact. She’s not the typical vampire we are finding, and maybe with time she’ll learn to be.

Where did this episode leave us: Jeremy is now the new vampire hunter, as the tattoo has shown up on his hand. I wonder if he’s going to say anything to anyone. I’m guessing definitely not Klaus, but this does give Stefan a better opportunity to locate the cure with the map being on Jeremy. Only downside is Jeremy has to kill for the map to grow. Dilemmas!

Best one-liner: Elena – “No, Damon. I didn’t tell him I got high on blood like some dirty crackhead and then dirty danced with you.”
What this episode ruined for us: Candles


– a la Chryshele


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