The Big Bang Theory – The Habitation Configuration

S06xE07 – Sheldon is filming another episode of “Fun With Flags” and this time he has a special guest; Wil Wheaton! Cue fangirl eek!!! Amy is filming the episode and is less than enthused about Wil’s performance. In fact she’s taken to telling Wil that he’s horrible. This doesn’t please Wil, and he decides to be rude in return. Amy takes offense and asks Sheldon to come to her defense, but Sheldon is torn. Amy’s his girlfriend, but Wil is his close friend. Oh the dilemma! Unfortunately for Amy, Sheldon chooses Wil. When Sheldon gets home from his night of fun with Wil Wheaton, Leonard let’s Sheldon know that Amy is very likely mad due to Sheldon’s actions. At first not believing Leonard, Sheldon calls Amy up to find out she is in fact mad at him. Now he’s confused.

Bernadette and Howard have just had dinner with Howard’s mom, and Howard stops in his bedroom to grab a few things. This prompts Bernadette to ask Howard when he plans to move all of his things over to her place. Howard says he’s planning to, but not right away. This doesn’t sit well with Bernadette and after some pushing she talks Howard into committing to a date. But when the date comes, Howard again tries to make excuses about being Jewish or something, but Bernadette is not allowing it. So Howard and the guys pack up his room and he starts to take his stuff over to Bernadette’s. As Howard is moving in the last boxes, he mentions to Bernadette how much his mother is dependent on him, and that’s why he put off the move for so long. Great now Bernadette feels guilty and decides that they are going to move in with his mother.

Sheldon more confused about Amy’s continual anger after he tries to make things right by giving her Star Trek TNG on DVD, goes to see Penny at work. She starts feeding him long island iced teas while she talks to him and tries to give him advice. Not knowing how many delicious iced teas he’s gulped down, he drunkenly heads over to Wil Wheaton’s home to demand an apology from Wil for how he treated Amy. And because Sheldon’s from Texas and he’s inebriated, he thinks he’s got the chops to punch out Wil Wheaton if he refuses to apologize. But Wil being the good guy he is apologizes and Sheldon now needs to puke. Anne’s not happy about her bushes being ruined, but Sheldon feels better now I’m sure.

Sheldon is filming once again for his “Fun With Flags” and this time his special guest is Levar Burton. Cue fangirl eek again!!! Amy is behind the camera once more and starts to criticize Levar saying he’s worse than Wil. Sheldon apologizes to Levar saying he has to agree with Amy because she’s his girlfriend, and Levar understands. Those Star Trek guys sure are great.

Best of the episode: Uh Wil Wheaton and the cameo from Levar Burton. Need I say more?

Worst of the episode: Not enough Wil Wheaton.

Where did this episode leave us: Howard and Bernadette even though they’re married will be living with Howard’s mother because she can’t survive without her Howard.

Best one-liner: Sheldon to Wil Wheaton after handing him a Wesley Crusher action figure – “Feel free to play with yourself.”
What this episode ruined for us: The chance of Sheldon getting drunk again


– a la Chryshele

SERIOUSLY I COULD FANGIRL ABOUT HOW AWESOME WIL WHEATON IS THAT IS ALL.  Thanks Chryshele for letting me interject your post :]

Holler, Jordan


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