Suburgatory – Foam Finger

S02xE04 – Dallas and George are on another date and it’s gone pretty well. So well actually that George feels pretty confident about going to bed with Dallas, and when he makes an innuendo regarding his thoughts, Dallas puts him on hold and goes to freshen up. When George tires of waiting for her and goes to find her, he’s instructed to switch on the lights and there’s Dallas hanging from the ceiling wearing a sexy outfit. Yay! Another Dallas production! Before George can say anything next thing he knows is there’s a choir singing and Dallas is dressed to match. George puts a halt on the production and says all he wants is her, nothing else. He then goes in to kiss her and before he even touches her she starts to whoop and holler how great he was. George is thoroughly confused.

Meanwhile Dalia is telling her friends fondly nicknamed KKK that she will be moving to Singapore to live with her dad and his fiance. KKK have no idea how to handle this news, as they hang on Dalia’s every move. So when Tessa finds them wandering down the middle of the street about to be run over, she learns they need a new leader. Tessa’s not up for the job, so she puts Lisa on it. Lisa willingly takes them in, but finds they are more work than she wants.

George and Dallas are taking Tessa and Dalia out to dinner to make the big announcement that they’re dating. Tessa is thrilled with the news, Dalia we’re not so sure. She’s too involved in laughing so much from talking to her dad’s fiance over text. Tessa notices something is up with Dalia and can’t put her finger on it, but it becomes more clear when Dalia dyes her hair brown and voluntarily sits alone at lunch. Tessa makes an effort to make sure Dalia’s ok by stopping by her house later, but gets shooed away and told everything is fine. We learn though everything isn’t fine when Dalia video chats with her dad’s fiance and learns that they already got married without Dalia participating in the wedding. Dalia is devastated, or I think she was, you can’t tell with her expressionless look. Tessa eavesdropped on the conversation and let’s Dalia know. She helps Dalia dye her hair blonde again and take back KKK. After some work, Dalia seems to be her old self, but wouldn’t dare thank Tessa for the help. That’s not her style.

Dallas has been going around town talking George up saying he’s the best lover she’s ever had, and etc., etc. When George finds out, he not only has to quash the rumors, but has to tell Dallas that his ego doesn’t need stroking. He just wants real. Then he proceeds to take her to bed and have sex. When Dallas is a little harshly honest about the quality of the sex, George realizes a little ego stroking doesn’t hurt.

Best of the episode: Dallas’ big pre-sex production. The choir set the mood for sure.

Worst of the episode: The wall of Dallas’ painted in her bedroom. Self absorbed much? Ah who am I kidding it’s funny.

Where did this episode leave us?:  Dallas and George have taken the next big step in their relationship.

Best one-liner: Dallas – “Come on George, deep down there’s not a man alive who doesn’t want to do it with a choir leader while the whole gospel choir looks on.”

What the episode ruined for us: Gospel Choirs


– a la Chryshele


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