Modern Family – Arrested

S04xE07 – Claire and Phil are awoken by a call saying Haley has been arrested. They quickly call Mitchell to come with them as their attorney, and Cam offers to watch Luke and Alex for them while they’re gone. Cam gets the impression from only hearing one side of the conversation that Claire doesn’t think he’s a good parent, so he’s out to prove her wrong.

So when Alex and Luke come down in the morning Cam already has breakfast on the table for them. He’s made them his famous or infamous facon (fake bacon). He’s been perfecting the recipe over time, and according to Luke it’s amazing. Too bad Luke is allergic to soy. Off to the hospital they go. Mitchell happens to call at this time, and Cam hangs up on him. He doesn’t want Claire to find out what’s happened.

So at the hospital, Luke is being taken care of and Cam has to go fill out some paperwork, Alex leaves Lily to stay with Luke while she goes and does rounds with the doctors. It’ll keep her busy. So as Luke is doing well, Mitchell calls again, but then Alex gets rolled in on a bed. She apparently passed out from all of the blood during a birth. Cam hangs up the phone again. On the way home he learns from both Alex and Luke that Claire thinks he’s a good father, and so Cam starts to call Mitchell to explain the day, but then Luke mentions that Claire just doesn’t think he’s a good baker. And he hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile Claire, Phil and Mitchell are now up at the school and bail out Haley. Turns out she’s been charged for drinking, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Claire is ready to kill her. Haley is required to go before the school board and explain her actions. She doesn’t seem too concerned about it, and isn’t taking things very seriously, that is until Phil lays it out for her. Up until this point he’s been pretty calm about the whole situation and it’s been driving Claire crazy. So when he finally yells at Haley, she’s so proud. And it did the trick too, Haley shows up in front of the board dressed appropriately and taking things more seriously. She owns up to her actions, and ends up getting kicked out. She can reapply next year. So homeward bound it is, to where Haley will have to get a job, and share a room again with Alex. Oh well.

Jay gets a call from his ex-wife Dede about wanting to stop by to pick up a photo album. Jay is nervous because he’s been hiding the fact that Gloria’s pregnant from her. So when she stops by he tries to make it a quick visit while Gloria is gone taking Manny to school, but Dede seems in a talking mood. So when Gloria comes home and Dede sees how pregnant Gloria is, Dede starts to laugh. Not the reaction Jay was expecting. After a bit it turns out that Gloria is no longer felt as a threat to Dede which is a good thing given their past. And the two bond over Jay’s lack of interest as a father. This starts to really worry Gloria though, and Jay pulls her aside for a talk. Manny walks in and sees Dede sitting there and they begin to catch up. Turns out Manny has been writing her letters. It’s a lost art. Manny has been wanting to go to this Spoken Word thing and both Jay and Gloria declined, so Dede offers to take him. Problem solved. Jay reassures Gloria that it will be different with the baby this time because he won’t be working so hard to make ends meet like he had to with his first two kids. He will have time to help make decisions and raise the baby with Gloria. This makes her happy and all is better.

Best of the episode: Dede’s reaction to finding out Gloria’s preganant. She was so happy her uterus fixed itself. I don’t know what that means, but Jay said he’ll explain it later. Hopefully he will.

Worst of the episode: That Haley got kicked out of school I kind of liked the skype scenes.

Where did this episode leave us?: Haley has been kicked out of college, so now she has to be an adult.

Best one-liner: Jay to Manny – “Sorry, I would love to go to the Spoken Word Festival, but I’m already going to the I’d Rather Blow My Brains Out Jamboree.”

What the episode ruined for us: Facon


– a la Chryshele


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