Mike & Molly – Mike’s Boss

S03xE05 – Mike’s mom is extra needy lately and coming up with excuses like racoons in the attic to get Mike to go and see her. So when Mike’s captain stops by to ask him if he can ask out his mother, he’s at first very confused and needs to verify her identity with him to make sure they’re talking about the same person, but then he’s willing to let him do it after she interrupts his day with another pointless racoon claim.

So as he’s meeting with his captain and gives him his mother’s number, the captain makes it known to Mike the perks of being friends with the captain. First perk is courtside seats to the Bulls game. Mike takes Molly to the game, and she’s loving it. She’s determined to try and trip the opposing players as they run by. It’s a great time had by all.

The next day Carl and Mike get to experience perk number two; a new police vehicle. And Mike gets to drive it, which he’s pretty excited about. The car even has the fancy remember your seat settings option, and a police radio system that’s too high tech for Mike or Carl to use. Not to mention they have no idea how to turn the siren lights on. So it’s probably a good thing that when they get summoned back to the station, that the captain takes the vehicle away from Mike. His reason being he’s a horrible son to his mother. So now Mike is required to spend every Sunday with her for dinner. Mike is at a loss for words. Especially when in walks his mother all dressed up and sweet as can be. She’s got the captain wrapped around her little finger. This is most evident when Mike and Molly are there for dinner and Peggy is on the phone with the captain confirming that Mike is there for dinner and inviting him over for some “pie”. She hangs up and with a gleam in her eye gives Molly an evil “I’ve got him right where I want him” smile. Mike is screwed.

Best of the episode: Molly at the Bulls game. When she catches the ball, it’s funny how she thinks she could have made the shot. And she nearly tripped one of the players which was funny too.

Worst of the episode: Peggy’s conniving plan to get her son back into her grasp. The poor captain I feel is just being used, and he actually likes Peggy.

Where did this episode leave us?: Peggy’s dating Mike’s captain which means bad things for Mike, especially when his mom ruins things, which we know she will at some point.

Best one-liner: Peggy to Mike about Molly – “Boy, when she says jump, you say I wish I could.”

What the episode ruined for us: Pie


– a la Chryshele


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