Once Upon A Time – Tallahassee

S02xE06 – Story One: We get some backstory on Emma this time around. We meet Emma eleven years ago and she has just broke into a car and stolen it. The car just happens to be the yellow VW bug we are all so familiar with. She’s doing well on the theft until a man named Neil Cassidy pops up from the back seat. This surprise distracts her and she runs a stop sign and gets pulled over. With some quick thinking by Neil, he talks their way out of a ticket, and Emma realizes that he had stolen the car first. Looks like the makings of a perfect relationship.

We catch up with Emma and Neil a little later, and Emma looks to be pregnant. They’ve entered a convenience store and as Neil distracts the clerk, Emma makes off with some of the merchandise. Their about to get away with it when a customer catches Neil lifting some chocolate, and they make a run for it. We see that Emma isn’t actually pregnant, but was hiding the loot in a bag that appeared to be a baby in the belly.

Neil and Emma decide after that close call that they should settle down somewhere and they decide Tallahassee. As they’re preparing to leave, Neil crushes their dream when he finds a wanted poster for himself. We learn that Neil had stolen some watches from a previous employer and hid them in a locker at a train station. Emma talks Neil into letting her retrieve the watches, which they could then sell and pay for new identities. So Emma steals the watches and meets up with Neil of which he gives her one of the watches. He then leaves to go sell the rest and makes plans to meet up with her later.

As Neil is on his way to sell the watches, he’s followed by a man who chases him down and corners him in an alley. The man is August Booth who tells Neil to leave Emma that she has a destiny she has to fulfill, and can’t do so with him in the picture. August then asks Neil if he believes in magic, to which Neil replies “I take it you do.” and then August shows him a box and we don’t see the contents, but know that it’s convinced Neil that magic exists and Emma truly does have a destiny.

Emma who is waiting for Neil to show up where they are supposed to meet is greeted not by Neil, but by the police instead. She gets arrested for holding stolen property and is sentenced to 11 months in jail. As we catch up with her in jail we see the guard bring a package to her, which is opened in front of Emma and inside is a set of keys. Neil has met with August a little later, sold the watches, and given the money and the car to Emma for when she gets out. The guard congratulates her on the car she will have when she gets out, and also on the baby she will have. Surprise Neal is the father!

Story Two: Hook and the girls are standing by the beanstalk, and Hook is explaining to them that there is a magical compass that resides with a giant at the top of the stalk. This compass will help them to travel between worlds.  According to Hook there was a war between the humans and the giants, and there is only one surviving giant of which they need to get past to retrieve the compass. Hook tells them that only two people can climb the stalk, and so Emma decides it will be her that goes along with Hook. Mulan gives Emma a sleeping powder to knock out the giant when they reach the top, so that they can rummage through the treasure the giant hoards and find the compass. Once at the top, with the help of Hook, Emma is able to knock out the giant, and they begin their search.

Hook is admiring all of the treasure, but when Emma points out they don’t have much time due to neither of them knowing how long a sleeping powder lasts, they speed up their search. Unfortunately the giant awakens and goes after them. In the stampede, the giant causes the ceiling to crumble and the rubble buries Hook. Emma quick on her feet cuts the rope of the trap she noticed earlier and traps the giant. Thinking Emma is going to kill him just like the other humans killed his people, he’s not very forthcoming on the location of the compass, but as Emma proves she isn’t like the other humans, the giant gives her the compass, and then gives her the opportunity to flee because she didn’t kill him. She asks for one more favor which is to free Hook from the rubble, and as this happens, Emma cuffs Hook to give herself a 10 hour head start. She doesn’t trust Hook, and why should she when she doesn’t really know him.

Mulan who has been waiting was informed by Emma that if she didn’t return in 10 hours, to cut down the stalk. So as the 10th hour closes in Mulan begins to do as she’s instructed and proceeds to cut down the stalk. Snow who is visibly upset by this action tries to stop Mulan, and as she’s doing so, down comes Emma. She warns them of the head start they have, and they head on their way. Now they just need to acquire the wardrobe remains that is in Cora’s possession, and they should be able to go back to Storybrooke.

Story Three: We learn that Aurora has been having nightmares due to the sleeping curse that was put on her. She describes these nightmares in vivid detail. Snow admits to having these nightmares herself after she was put under the same curse. The nightmare being a red room with no doors or windows and red curtains on fire. And on the other side of the room, a man’s eyes are staring back at her. So back in Storybrooke we hear Henry screaming, and David rushing to his side. And here Henry describes the same dream only it’s a woman’s eyes staring at him. What does this mean?

Best of the episode: Hook. He’s hot. Also learning more about Emma’s past. We now know who Henry’s father is.

Worst of the episode: The graphics on the show. I would think with it being ABC’s frontrunner that the budget would allow for better green screen merging. I was slightly disappointed.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing the identity of Henry’s father, Hook has been left behind and may not be able to exact his revenge, and all those that were plagued with the sleeping curse have the same nightmare. Freaky.

Best one-liner: Emma about the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale – “It’s a little freakier than I remember from the story.”

What the episode ruined for us: Special Effects.


– a la Chryshele


1 thought on “Once Upon A Time – Tallahassee

  1. I see Neil coming to Storybrooke very soon, and finding out Emma is in Fairytale Land. I want to know what August shows him in the box that convinces him so easily to leave her. I want to see them reconciled and together as a happy family, don’t you? What good is a fairytale without a happy ending? OUAT is my daughter’s pick for a show to watch together, but I got hooked (no pun intended, lol!). I was so glad when I learned from my DISH coworker that my new Hopper DVR from DISH has thousands of hours of HD recording time because now I score brownie points with my daughter by recording and saving all of the episodes.

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