How I Met Your Mother – The Autumn Of Break-Ups


S08xE05 – Barney decided that his next wingman after his breakup with Quinn would be a dog. Lily and Marshall try to find a way to tell Ted that Victoria wants more. After their hangout the night before they tell Ted she was dropping many hints that she was ready to get married. They were together almost a year and that time counts!!! Ted disagrees thinking the clock starts over but Lily and Marshall tell him he is wrong. Robin is worried about Barney being lonely, she tells Nick she wants Barney to hang out with them….even though he was going to make a special dinner to celebrate his cooking show being nominated for an award.
Victoria admits that she has been dropping hints, since she left Claus at the alter she figured they’d move a little faster. She thinks that something is holding them back.
Brover and Barney attend dinner at Nick and Robin’s. Barney can really only talk about the doggy. He tells them what a good wingman they are for each other. All Robin can sense is lonliness.
Ted asks Marshall and Lily what is holding him back from committing to Victoria. She seems to know but he has absolutely no idea. Marshall turns into a southern woman to try and help, but really he just makes Ted more confused. While at dinner, Barney receives a call from Brover’s owner who mentions that he escaped from his kennel while he was on vactation. He needs to return him tomorrow and doesn’t want to live so he tries to jump out the window. Ted proposes to Victoria and she gives him her ultimatum: he cannot be friends with Robin anymore.
He tries to convince her that both he and Robin have moved on but she will always wonder if something will end up coming between them.
Robin decides to go with Barney to return Brover to his owner. She has to tell Nick that he is the man in her life but she has guy friends that need her. It’s a hard place to be in.
When Ted explains his situation to Marshall and Lily, Lily expresses that she gets where Victoria is coming from. It may not be fair, but she gets it. Marshall also explains that he went rogue and gave a bunch of single women bad advice. Go figure. Ted is torn. He knows that Robin will never be the one, but Victoria could be.
Robin and Barney drop off Brover and Barney of course hits on the owner, but not before the owner thought Robin and Barney were a couple. Ah, that’s tender. Oh and Robin has a lesbian aunt! But turns out Robin is a better wingman than Brover was.
Robin tells Nick that she is exclusively his…that is until Ted texts her and tells her he needs to see her. She promises Nick she is his and rushes off.
Ted meets her at Maclarens…but the shot quickly cuts to Ted telling Victoria he cannot give up his friendship with Robin. Now they five of them are all together and Robin has no idea that Ted gave up Victoria for her friendship. Apparently she learns of this later, Lily and Marshall are sworn to secrecy. He covered himself by telling Robin that he needed help with his Mosby boys pre-teen mystery novels.

Best of the episode: Bye Victoria.

Worst of the episode: Not enough Lily and Marshall. Ever since they had a kid their storylines have gone downhill.

Where does this episode leave us: I guess Ted is still looking for the mother…

Best one-liner: Victoria to Ted about Robin – “I really hope you get her someday.”

What this episode ruined for us: Cooking shows.


Holler, Jordan


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