Dexter – Do The Wrong Thing


S07xE06 – Dexter is still obsessed with Hannah McKay. Talking to ghost dad, he thinks it’s a bad idea to kill her, maybe she deserves some slack. Dexter disagrees, she liked her trophies too much. Her husband died of a heart attack at 40 and Dexter is convinced she killed him. He has to see her. He needs a peace offering. How about telling her that he was wrong? That sounds good. Where Hannah has immunity he is in no way worried he’s “stealing” from Deb anymore.
Isaac is making friends in jail and by making friends I mean threatening people that are out to kill him. Even if he dies he had others on the outside that will help him out. He calls a meeting with the owner of the strip club, George. Dexter visits Hannah, apologizes and tells her that he needs a plant for his apartment. In the middle of their innocent conversation he asks about her husband, she sticks to heart attack. He of course bonds with her over his own dead wife. He asks who she bought her nursery from, she explains the owner Beverly Grey got very sick and left it to her in her will about a year ago. She also died of heart disease. Coincidence? Ask the gardener. Or convene with ghost dad and he’ll tell you it makes sense that Hannah was the one that Beverly left things to, she had no other family. Dexter thinks poison, it’s what women do.
A man comes into the precinct, Saul Price. He wrote a book about the Wayne Randall murders so Dexter hits him up at the coffee cart to see if he can get some info. In exchange for a good word with Deb, Saul tells Dexter his theory that Hannah McKay is a murderer. Dexter is also a little worried that where he fudged the blood report to make Hannah feel better that Saul will catch onto this. Saul asks Deb out, she declines. She thinks he just wants to write about her where he mentions the ice truck killer and gets defensive. He doesn’t care and offers his card.
Quinn is still seeing Nadia, he shows her the money that was left in his car and she begs him to give it back, she doesn’t want him to get hurt, so he does. Dexter breaks into Saul’s apartment to get the transcript for his new info on Hannah, to see if anything can be found. While having lunch with his sister, Batista explains how ready for retirement he is, he wants to open up a restaurant. He wants to be happy. She thinks it’s a bad idea. George visits Isaac in jail, explains that he needs to be out asap. George tells him that Quinn gave back the money. Something has to happen, we can’t disappoint Isaac. George holds Nadia over Quinn’s head, he needs evidence lifted to show that Isaac is innocent. Blood evidence, specifically. It’s that for Nadia’s immunity.
Deb meets with La Guerta about the Bay Harbor findings. The last two interviews with the families of the missing persons and nothing. However now she has a theory that takes us back to Lumen…Deb knows Dexter was involved so tries to deter La Guerta but to no avail.
Dexter finds the blood results Saul stole from Beverly’s body and it tested positive for Aconite, a poison found in a purple flower that is on the nursery property…it’s hardly traceable and leads to heart attacks…bingo. Hannah visits and brings him a flower that matches blood spatter patterns. How tender. While they are getting comfortable Dexter has to leave so that Deb can confront him about Lumen. He admits without admitting that they were involved and Deb asks him to leave. She’s not really understanding this one.
Dexter wants to go investigate the nursery again and talk to the gardener about Beverly. He tells Dexter that Hannah took care of everything with Beverly’s death and he sets off to find the purple flower only to be interrupted again by Hannah. She offers him coffee, he believes it to be poisoned so he does the natural thing and asks her on a date.
Batista tells Quinn his plans to retire, worrying that he is impulsive. Deb has a discussion with him about how unhappy he is and how he needs a life outside of work. She supports him and decides to call Saul (better call Saul. Anyone?) and asks him out. She needs a life, too. Quinn gets the blood evidence to get Isaac off and no one even bats an eye. On her date with Saul, Deb gets the same dirt on Hannah that he gave Dexter, she is so excited about this but upset that Hannah has immunity. Evidence for a make-out session.
Dexter takes Hannah on her date. There is a little place in Florida that is basically Christmastown and Hannah mentioned wanting to go there with Wayne. After some breaking and entering, she and Dexter end up in a room where snow falls. He leans in for what looks like a kiss on the neck but actually he stabs her with his syringe. She’s going down…or is she? Lying on the table in plastic when she wakes up he tells her he knows everything she does. After removing the duct tape from her mouth she tells him to do what he needs to and he rips the plastic off for some hardcore sex. Because you know, that’s what you do.

Best of the episode: Seeing Dexter try to hide his feelings for Hannah.

Worst of the episode: The sex scene. Hot, but quite strange.

Where this episode leaves us: So do we have another Lumen?

Best one-liner: Deb – “The one with the potty mouth.”

What this episode ruined for us: Christmas villages.


Holler, Jordan


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