The Walking Dead – Killer Within

S03xE04 – Story One: In Woodbury, Michonne is examining the military vehicles that were “salvaged”, and she’s noticing the bullet holes and even finds a little blood. She’s suspicious of how the vehicles were obtained and expresses these suspicions with the governor as he comes to try and convince her and Andrea to stay. He tries to distract her by saying she would be a good asset to the town and the walker watch, but she’s not going for it.

Back in their room, Michonne and Andrea discuss where they will go after leaving Woodbury. And it looks like they’re eyeing the coast, maybe find an island to live on. Andrea isn’t as gung ho about leaving Woodbury, and Michonne senses this.

Andrea then meets up with Merle and shows him where Hershel’s farm is so that he can try to locate Daryl. When Merle speaks to the governor about it, he’s basically told not to go looking, and that he’s needed in Woodbury. He then tells Merle he can go if he can obtain more substantial evidence of Daryl being alive. Knowing Merle, he’s not going to sit tight for long.

Andrea and the Governor are having a farewell drink together, and we learn that the Governor’s first name is Phillip and that his wife died in a car accident before the apocalypse. This might explain why he’s kind of sick in the head. Anyway as Andrea is saying goodbye, the Governor tells her she can return to Woodbury whenever she likes.

Story Two: We see a deer carcass being strewn about the prison grounds by an unknown person. This same person then cuts the gate open. Trouble is on the way.

Rick and the others are discussing how to clear out the yard when Axel and Oscar (the surviving prisoners) approach them begging to join their group. And when Rick declines the request, they begin talking of leaving the prison if they can’t join the group. So Rick gives Glenn a week’s worth of food to give to the prisoners and tells him to send them on their way. As they’re escorting Axel and Oscar out of the prison, Axel tries to sell himself as a mechanic to Daryl and offers to fix his bike for him. Oscar tells him to shut up and have a little respect.

Meanwhile Lori, Maggie and Beth help Hershel learn how to use the crutches they have obtained for him. As Hershel makes his way into the yard, everyone stops what they’re doing to applaud Hershel for the progress he’s making. The happy moment is short lived though when walkers infiltrate the yard. A big shootout begins and everyone gets separated as they make their way back into the prison for safety. Unfortunately the prison has been overrun by the walkers again as well. Someone is out for revenge.

Rick is hurrying to make his way to where the walkers have surrounded the group. Beth and Hershel are able to barricade themselves in a small fenced-in entryway, Lori, Maggie and Carl make their way back into the prison, and T-Dog gets bitten on the shoulder as he tries to seal the gate back up.

Glenn makes mention that the gate was cut open, and Rick immediately blames Axel and Oscar for this, and as they’re trying to deny the accusations the prison alarm starts going off. Oscar mentions that he knows where the generator room is to turn off the alarm, and Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Axel head into the prison to shut it off.

Carol and T-Dog have made their way into the prison and are wandering the halls trying to make it back to the cell block. Carol wants to help T-Dog with his shoulder, but T-Dog is adamant about getting Carol back to safety. He knows there’s nothing that can be done for him, and when they get cornered by walkers, he proves it by giving himself up so that Carol can get away. RIP T-Dog.

Maggie, Carl and Lori are also wandering the hallways of the prison, when Lori stops abruptly from labor pains. The baby is coming. They quickly find their way into the boiler room, and Lori is ready to push.

Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Axel and Oscar decide to split up to cover more ground. Rick Daryl and Oscar make their way to the Electrical room to shut down the generator, but as they’re doing so, they’re greeted by Andrew who tries to kill Rick (Holy crap Andrew is still alive!). Rick loses his gun in the fight with Andrew and Oscar picks it up and points it at Rick. Andrew is egging him on to kill RIck so they can take back the prison, but Oscar turns on Andrew and shoots him dead. If that doesn’t show loyalty, then Rick needs a new pair of eyes. Rick turns off the generator and silences the alarm.

Back to the boiler room, Lori is in full-on labor and has started pushing, but Maggie stops her because Lori is bleeding a lot, so Lori tells Maggie she’s going to have to cut her open to get the baby out. Knowing she’s not going to survive the c-section, she says her goodbyes to Maggie and Carl, and then tells Maggie that they need to kill her when she turns, not to let Rick do it. So Maggie cuts Lori open and Lori immediately passes out from the excruciating pain, and she’s bleeding out as Maggie pulls the baby out of the womb. Carl through tears shoots Lori dead. RIP Lori.

Maggie and Carl head back out to the yard to find the others who have done the same thing. When Rick sees Maggie holding the baby, he knows Lori didn’t make it. And through a gut wrenching cry from Rick and wordless sobs from Maggie, there’s no way there’s a dry eye watching the scene.

Best of the episode: I’m really not sure if there was a best of the episode. I’m pretty much at a loss with all the feels right now.

Worst of the episode: Having to watch T-Dog be eaten alive, Lori die by c-section and gunshot to the head, and Carl being the one to shoot Lori. As if the zombie apocalypse weren’t enough to mess someone up.

Where did this episode leave us?: Without T-Dog and Lori, and now a baby to take care of. Don’t know how that one’s going to work out. Rick is already unstable and now that Lori is dead, he runs the chance of completely losing his mind. And what the hell is in the drinks the governor serves??

Best one-liner: Lori to Carl before she dies – “Don’t let the world spoil you. You’re the best thing I ever did.”

What the episode ruined for us: My Life.


– a la Chryshele


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