The Big Bang Theory – The Extract Obliteration


S06xE06 – We begin with a rousing game of some sort of dance party. Sheldon interrupts that he has began a game of Words With Friends with Stephen Hawking. The gang tries to let him know that this does not indicate that he and Hawking are actually friends, but of course Sheldon does not understand and proceeds to give them nicknames. The dance party resumes.
Bernadette is still complaining about living with Howard’s mom and using her underwear as a towel. Girl time with Penny and Amy and they discover that Penny is taking a night class. She’s keeping it from Leonard because she is afraid of him being supportive. Over a lunch date with Amy, Sheldon is still playing WWF with Hawking, but Amy is just excited about the effects it will have on his testosterone. Turn Hawking’s “act” into “extract” for multiple points!
Penny tells Leonard about her schooling and he did get excited! He offers to help and gives her lots of advice and she still wants his opinion to stay out of it. Meanwhile Raj, Sheldon and Howard are having dinner in Sheldon’s apartment and Raj feels like he’s making fun of Indian’s when he calls call centers. Aw. He wants to try out his American accent which is actually good. Sheldon is too distracted because Hawking hasn’t played a word in three days. Howard tells him that Hawking hates to lose so he needs to let him win.
Whilst sleeping over, Leonard takes a peek at Penny’s slavery paper just hours after she told him not to! This will not end well! Go figure, she writes like she cooks.
Sheldon is trying to use a Jedi mind trick to control Stephen Hawking so that he’ll play WWF with him again (hello, they should play SongPop, that’s where it’s at). He even uses his knocking trick. Leonard is worried if he tells Penny her paper is terrible she’ll know he read it and Sheldon thinks everyone loves him but Stephen Hawking. Chess clock time, they each get five minutes to talk about their problems. My guess is that Sheldon will still manipulate. And go. Oh, I was right. Hawking isn’t busy! Penny is going to get mad! Break up with Amy! Penny’s paper is due tomorrow! Seriously does Sheldon have a compassionate bone in his body? He tries to use the Jedi mind trick on Leonard and it works, only on the weak.
Leonard wakes up Penny sweetly. He brings her breakfast in bed and tells her the story of the elves and the shoemaker. The shoemaker was really happy that the elves made the shoes. He hands her her re-written paper. He admits he read it and that it was bad. Of course she is upset!
Sheldon still hasn’t heard from Hawking. Raj tells him that if he is a sore loser than Sheldon may be better off without him. That seems to signal him to play! And his new nickname? ROLLING THUNDAAAAHHHH. Howard reminds him to let Hawking win. He tries but Sheldon has a problem with being intellectually dishonest. It’s between that and being friends with Hawking. AND SEND.
PENNY GOT A B- ON HER PAPER BITCHES. Amy and Bernadette helped her re-write her paper and now they have to try for an A. They just wanted it to be believable. Back to high school, doing the prom queens homework so she likes them!
Sheldon receives a call from Hawking. He calls him Dr. Loser. “What does Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck.” Wow he’s a funny dude.

Best of the episode: Sheldon/Hawking love.

Worst of the episode: Penny and Leonard still being really awkward.

Where did this episode leave us: Still seems like Penny/Leonard are making progress but have a long way to go.

Best one-liner: Raj in American accent – “Hey my snow white American friends. Let’s put some cow meat on the barbeque and eat it until we’re all obese.”

What this episode ruined for us: Spaghetti, words with friends and bad jokes.


Holler, Jordan


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