Revenge – Illusion


S02xE06 – Victoria and Conrad are getting hitched. Again. Conrad invites Aidan to which he wants to bring a date. Emily, perhaps? Emily is helping Amanda figure out details of her reconstructive surgery to remove the scar she never had, and Emily is going to send Mason down another path. Cara is still hanging around, invited to the wedding of course, but she is busy with her fake daughter. Emily finds Gordon’s dead frozen body while Aidan invites her to the wedding. Now that’s tender.
Jack is now back on board with Amanda, it helps that the baby is here. He feels alive now that he’s a father. He is still in the works of selling the bar and his liquor distributor is telling him he is basically giving away the bar. Emily visits with Cara and discusses her relationship with Daniel, she explains she’s glad that she didn’t have to marry the entire family. Amanda shows Mason the surgery reports, he wonders why she hasn’t gotten as far away from the Grayson’s as possible. Amanda puts Mason back on the path of the Grayson’s vs the white-haired man. He used to work with Conrad, she thinks the abduction was staged, blah blah blah. Mason has it out for the Grayson’s as well so this may be a great partnership. Charlotte announces that she isn’t going to the wedding and instead she is going to help Declan reopen the bar, he is the only real thing in her life.
Emily tells Nolan he can’t go to the wedding, and he’s taking Padma no less. Emily is now working on taking out Mason and Nolan is enlisted to help. Trace Gordon’s phone number, Nolan.
Aidan arrives at the wedding with Emily and the first person they run into are Daniel and Ashley. Small talk is made but Ashley can’t help but feel uncomfortable. Mason goes after the white-haired man and finds him dead in a trailer, Emily’s doing no doubt, complete with a Conrad Grayson encrusted cufflink. Conrad gives Victoria a pearl encrusted gun for their wedding, but in all reality he says that he wants her to be safe. Mason calls Victoria right before she goes out to marry Conrad. And the wedding begins. As it wraps up Mason has big burley men going through Conrad’s office trying to link him to the murder.
The Stowaway is back open and as Jack gives a speech with his new partner, Kenny. Mason gets an arrest warrant based on the evidence planted at Conrad’s. Cara thanks Jack for helping Amanda get by when she was away. Daniel immediately finds Padma to see what she is doing at the wedding, Emily intervenes. Daniel asks her to dance and I cannot wait to see what this does to Ashley. Aidan asks her to dance, of course. As if this wedding couldn’t be more awkward. She is a little annoyed that Aidan brought Emily to the wedding. There is definitely still something between Daniel and Emily and he isn’t afraid to let her know that. The burley men crash the wedding to take Conrad in and both him and Victoria accuse each other of committing the murder. Nolan congratulates Emily on her accomplishment.
Nolan confronts Padma about her meeting with the Grayson’s and asks her how far she’ll go to protect them? Conrad and Victoria are talking at the station, good thing they’re married now and get immunity. They’re both still in the throws of accusing each other. The Stowaway television shows the newscast about the murder charge. Charlotte sees, Declan sees, Cara sees. They all know that Gordon is dead. Mason seems to think that Gordon has been dead a lot longer than it was set up to be. Victoria let it slip that Emily was once a juvi girl and now Mason has his work cut out for him. A woman visits Conrad in jail, she needs money to keep quiet, apparently this is a recurring request. But who is she?
Aidan seems to think that Ashley is conspiring with the Grayson’s. Declan tries to comfort Charlotte. Cara confronts Victoria. She feels like Victoria killed him and obviously that will not sit well since he was her husband. She cannot in any way see the evil side of Gordon, flashbacks prove that.
Amanda gets the invite to meet Jack on the boat. He seems to be having a change of heart now that the baby is born, and he wants to marry Amanda. If she doesn’t say yes she’s an idiot. Well she says yes, but she is still an idiot. I say the wedding with never happen, I’m calling it now. Victoria is terrified that Cara is going to shoot her in her sleep, but Conrad is the one who sneaks up on her instead. He’s released on bail. Aidan tells her that Daniel isn’t as innocent as he seems, right before he proceeds to try to make out with Emily. She tells him that he should leave cause otherwise she’ll probably make out with him back. Flashbacks show the careful attention she paid to every detail setting up Conrad, Right as Mason links her to Amanda Clark. Now he must go.

Best of the episode: I must say, seeing Daniel pine over Emily was a little sweet.

Worst of the episode: Amanda. I just want her secret uncovered already.

Where this episode leaves us: Conrad and Victoria are now re-married and Mason is one step closer to figuring out Amanda/Emily.

Best one-liner: Mason – “Emily Thorne…Amanda Clark”.

What this episode ruined for us: Weddings…and freezers.


Holler, Jordan


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