The Neighbors – Larry Bird and the Iron Throne

S01xE06 – It’s Abby’s birthday and Debbie is throwing her a party. The Zabrovians aren’t familiar with birthdays, and Reggie wonders if he should get Amber a gift. So he sends Dick to inquire as to what Amber would like for a present. He fails miserably, so now it’s up to Reggie to figure it out on his own. Meanwhile Debbie is a nightmare to deal with while she’s planning this event. Max warns Jackie to not even attempt to talk to her and to steer clear until it’s over. Max builds forts to hide in every year.

Marty has work to do and this gives him a good excuse to avoid Debbie as well. Larry decides he would like to join Marty at his place of work, and after a little coaxing Marty takes him along. There at the office Larry learns of human jobs, and the what it’s like to earn a living. He meets Marty’s boss who he deems the laziest boss in the world. Really she’s in a jazzy scooter.

Reggie gives Amber a gift for her birthday, they still don’t understand, and the gift is a tile spelling out all the answers of the universe. It’s actually an amazing gift, but Amber doesn’t want it. What she wants is to be back in the City with her friends, and looking out her bedroom window over the street she used to live on. Reggie tries again on the gift and this time gets it right. It’s a painting on her bedroom wall of the street she used to live on. She can now have a little piece of the city with her. It’s really sweet.

Debbie has put the kids and Jackie to work, and has threatened their lives if everything hasn’t turned out perfect. Jackie has been given the task of curling ribbon and Max and Dick stuffing the goodie bags. Next we see Max retreating to his fort, with Dick not far behind. When Jackie misses one ribbon curling, she books it to the fort too. But when Debbie starts to stress about the fact that the cake she had ordered (a unicorn head) was mixed up with another, Jackie comes to the rescue to get to the root of Debbie’s madness. We learn that as a kid Debbie’s family was poor and she and her sibling’s birthdays were all around the same time so they had to have one day to celebrate all of their birthdays and they would only get a cupcake. So she wants to make sure that her kids have the best birthdays every year to make up for the ones she didn’t. Jackie consoles her and then tells her that she will finish preparing for the party and hands Debbie a huge margarita.

During Debbie’s meltdown Larry has decided to go to work with Marty again to avoid Debbie’s wrath. While at work Debbie calls Marty and Marty promises that he will be there for the party, but when he hangs up and starts to crunch numbers again, he just can’t make them work. Larry points out he’s used last year’s numbers and Marty has to start all over, his boss rolls in saying that his report is due by the weekend, and therefore Marty has to miss the party to get it done. Larry tells Marty not to fret, he can go to the party and Larry stays and finishes the report for Marty. The party turns out to be a success, and even Larry gets to have some fun when he’s done helping Marty by playing in the bouncy castle. Everyone wins.

Best of the episode: Easily the tile telling the wonders of the universe. I have no idea why Amber wouldn’t want that.

Worst of the episode: The cake not actually being a unicorn head like the Zabvronians thought it would be.

Where this episode leaves us: Reggie winning Amber’s heart a little bit more.

Best one-liner: Regarding Marty’s sweet talk with Debbie, Larry – “I love you times two?Beware if I regurgitate, it will melt you.”

What this episode ruined for us: Unicorns


– a la Chryshele


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