Dexter – Swim Deep

S07xE05 – Dexter is cleaning his boat content with the one constant thing in his life that doesn’t change. Harry tells him this as he watches, so you know it’s true. While Dexter is cleaning he comes across some blood. And knows it’s not from his doing, so he uses some black light spray because he always has it handy, and turns on his equally handy black light to see that there was a lot of blood cleaned up, someone was murdered there. So Dexter takes a swab to test back at the lab and find out who died on his boat.

Masuka is nervous that he’s going to get fired after learning that La Guerta used an outside service for a blood test from the slide found at Travis’ crime scene. He’s trying to buddy up to Quinn who doesn’t go for it, and then tells Deb about it hoping he’s not in trouble. Deb goes to La Guerta about it where she confides in Deb that she believes the Bay Harbor Butcher wasn’t Dokes and that he’s still alive. Deb offers to help La Guerta with her theory mainly so she can save Dexter’s ass if she needs to. Deb promises La Guerta she won’t say anything to anyone about it, but then goes straight to Dexter to rip him a new one. There she learns that out of the list of missing people La Guerta has compiled as potential victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher, three of them were actually killed by Dexter. So now she has to take it upon herself to interview the families of these three particular victims to divert any possible connections there may be to Dexter. Sheesh.

After his oh so lovely talk with Deb, Dexter heads home because he’s found out the blood on his boat belongs to Louis. But when Dexter gets home he notices his curtains are open and that’s not how he left them, so he fake calls himself leading whomever is in the apartment to believe that Dexter is going to be somewhere else, and the guy leaves. It’s Isaak from the Koshka Brotherhood. Dexter follows him to where he lead him and calls him letting Isaak know he’s onto him . Unfortunately Isaak informs Dexter that he’s not only going to kill him, but everyone involved in the case, so that means Deb, Quinn, Angel and others. This upsets Dexter and he begs Isaak to leave them out of it, and admits it was only him involved. Isaak doesn’t care. Crap.

Dexter goes straight to Deb about his encounter and informs her of the situation. He then tells her he’s going to take care of it and that he’s booked the two of them in a hotel for the night where no one will be able to find them. Deb is less than thrilled about all of this obviously, but goes along. Dexter then starts to stalk Isaak, but gets interrupted by Angel calling to tell him he needs to head back to the precinct because the lovely Hannah McKay is heading in to tell them where the other bodies are buried that Wayne Randall killed. He’s not really given an option, so the stalking will have to continue later.

Hannah is with Batista and Dexter verifying Wayne’s trophies and to which victim they belong. She then says she can lead them to the bodies and Batista leaves to go set up the equipment for digging. This leaves Hannah and Dexter alone, and Hannah picks up a giraffe toy which is one of the trophies and starts playing with it. This intrigues Dexter because he concludes that she isn’t remembering, she’s reminiscing. It’s a nostalgia thing to see the trophies. Oh great. Hannah then asks if Dexter will be at the site when they search for the bodies, and Dexter says he hopes so. It’s a double meaning hidden in there. Will he be alive to see it?

Deb and Dexter are in their hotel room, and Deb is less than pleased. I would be too if the shower only had two settings of scalding or freezing. Deb asks Dexter if he has a plan to which he says yes. Deb asks if the plan involves killing someone, and Dexter says no. This is good maybe. Progress. They then start to reminisce about their childhood, and it’s sweet. They really do care for each other.

Next morning Dexter is out with Angel digging up the site where Hannah says the bodies are buried. She comes up to him and they start to talk swapping stories of their first murder scenes, it’s typical talk people have. Dexter then gets called over, they’ve found the bodies, and Dexter starts to do his assessment of the murders and stops mid-sentence because he’s realized that there’s no way Wayne could have killed the woman, the stab wounds are at the wrong height. He finishes his assessment leaving out those key points and starts to put his stuff away. Hannah goes after him and asks why he stopped talking, to which Dexter tells her he knows she’s the one who murdered the woman while Wayne was busy killing the man. She admits to it, but feels no sorrow and nothing can be done about it because she has immunity to any killings that occurred with Wayne. How convenient. Dexter thinks so too.

Deb is meeting with one of the families on the list, one of Dexter’s killings to be exact, and as she pulls up La Guerta is already there. Her first family was a bust, and this one was on her way so she thought she’d help Deb with the interview. This killing took place at a wedding as Dexter explained to Deb earlier. Deb is concerned that there will be a picture of him amongst all of the wedding photos, so when La Guerta shows up, Deb is extra nervous, because this could be Dexter’s undoing if something shows up. And something does show up, but luckily Deb is the one who finds it, and convinces La Guerta to take all of the pictures back to the precinct so they can go over the pictures with a fine tooth comb. La Guerta agrees to Deb’s relief.

When Dexter leaves the scene after his encounter with Hannah, he notices Isaak has followed him. Dexter has expected this and so he leads him to the Columbians who are the enemy of the Koshka. But things don’t go exactly as Dexter had hoped they would. You hear a bunch of gunshots, but Dexter didn’t stick around to see if Isaak was hit, so when they get a call to the crime scene, Dexter is a little shocked to see that Isaak somehow made it out alive.

Deb asks Dexter after everyone has left the scene if this was his plan, to which he admits it was, it just didn’t go as he thought it would. Deb asks if they can identify the blood and Dexter thinks it can be done. So back at the lab Deb and Dexter see that one of the blood samples identified Isaak as they hoped and they are able to arrest him.

Angel has been having a hard time with the bartender that took the fall for Mike’s death. It just hasn’t been sitting right with him and so he goes to Deb about it. Deb now knowing the truth that the bartender wasn’t the killer, has to get Batista to back off. So that’s what she tells him, and Angel is not happy about it. He doesn’t look like he’s going to do as ordered.

Dexter goes and visits Isaak in prison where he asks him why Isaak wants to kill him, and he says because Viktor was his friend. Really we know they were lovers, well that’s what I concluded, so it’s a major vendetta. Dexter acts a little over confident and asks Isaak now that he’s in prison and will be going to trial, if it’s over. And Isaak basically tells him in the form of a story that he can wait and it’s not over at all. Dexter again over-confident essentially tells Isaak he will wish he had never waited if he does. Oooh.

Deb stops by to rub in Dexter’s face that she saved his ass by pulling that photo out of the evidence. He’s stunned he actually made it into a photo and grateful that Deb caught it. Deb then tells Dex that she knows he’s not going to change, but she also doesn’t want to know about it. She had to lie to Batista and that was hard for her, so she’s staying out of it. Dexter burns the evidence, and he lives to kill another day.

Best of the episode: Dexter besting Isaak for now. And Deb admitting to Dexter that she knows he’s not going to change, so she’s not going to make him anymore.

Worst of the episode: Quinn who seems to be spiraling. He looks cracked out, and now he’s accepting bribes from the Koshka. Well it looks like he is. I think he’s on his way out.

Where does this episode leave us: With Batista not letting the whole Mike’s killer thing go. I feel bad for Angel he’s a good guy who just wants to make sure there’s justice. This also leaves Dexter with the impending doom threat from Isaak. I wonder who Isaak will get to try and kill Dexter now? And Hannah is now on Dexter’s list of necessary kills. This shall be interesting.

Best one-liner: Deb – “I’ve already helped you cover up three murders. How did this become my life?”

What this episode ruined for us: Toy Giraffes


– a la Chryshele


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