Revenge – Forgiveness


S02xE05 – Flashbacks of Amanda’s mom drowning her, her father did try to save her. Back in the present Emily wakes up next to Aidan on the couch, she must have fallen asleep after her fit. Aidan says he knows something more about her mother, Gordon (the white-haired man) is also her husband. Victoria is clipping some roses when Emily’s mom, Cara Clark, walks through the door and gives her the hug of all hugs. Should have stabbed her with the clippers. TEAM VICTORIA at least on this one.
Victoria and Cara discuss the white-haired man but Cara will never tell Victoria that he was her husband. She’s trying to get information on his whereabouts, no one knows that he’s dead.
Aidan goes into Grayson Global to meet with Conrad posing as a man who is concerned about his funds. Daniel is going to show him around and in their meeting Victoria calls Conrad to let him know that Cara is still alive, the white-haired man didn’t kill her like he was supposed to. Victoria thinks she is the source of the journals and everything.
Charlotte goes to return Declan’s jacket before going to the hospital to visit Amanda. The man he “robbed” shows up (Kenny) to discuss it yet again. He gives him a card for someone to do the work on the bar so that he can get paid back sooner than later.
Nolan visits Jack and his son at the hospital, Amanda is still in a coma. Jack tells him that Amanda’s mom is back, and that immediately throws up a red flag.
Daniel is acquainting Aidan (or Mr. Mathis) with Grayson Global when a request for some of David Clark’s contracts come in and suddenly he is more interested in that. Nolan goes to warn Emily and also tell her that his dad died, and after all this time of him being there for her, she wasn’t for him. They pull up the Grayson’s cameras that show Victoria extending a stay-over invitation to Cara. Jack calls Emily and Amanda is out of the coma.
Jack introduces Amanda to her son and Emily watches from the doorway. Flash to her waking up in the hospital after her drowning incident. After that, her mother was just “gone”, term David Clark used, not me.
Jack goes home to freshen up, sent by Emily, so that Emily can talk to Amanda privately. She invites Amanda to stay with her, she goes to do some tests so she leaves the baby, Carl, with Emily.
Charlotte interrupts Victoria and Cara discussing David to tell them that Amanda is awake. She is starting to think her mother is changing by inviting Cara to stay with them. Jack goes back to the bar to get changed and sees Declan working hard. Jack is going to call the card that Jerry left.
Nolan’s partner is the one who requested David Clark’s contracts, she wants to be sure that when their company invested with Grayson Global, David Clark had nothing to do with it. Funny thing is that the company never invested with Grayson Global before.
Emily is trying to settle Carl when her mother questions who she is, but for a split second it seems she recognizes her. She doesn’t have much to say about Amanda as a child, no matter how hard Emily pries. Mason Tredwell also shows up to bring flowers to Amanda which surprises everyone. He clearly isn’t welcome and Emily asks him to leave. Emily drives Cara home after Amanda doesn’t recognize him.
Nolan considers himself an Uncle (like Kracker, or Fester) to Carl, he is telling his partner/CFO, Padmella, this and he clearly wants to get “closer” to her so he an take her to breakfast. Daniel, Aidan and Ashley are out for drinks to discuss business (Daniel is drinking again?) when he excuses himself leaving just Ashley and Aidan to discuss business matters. Aidan mentions he will be looking Emily Thorne up, he goes to her home. He tells her the info on the contracts, she tells him her mother is staying next door.
Padmella and Nolan are having breakfast literally on the beach. Emily calls in the middle of breakfast to out Nolan’s girlfriend. Emily and Jack are moving Amanda out of her hospital room. Emily tells her that her mother tried to kill her, its best for Carl and everyone if her mother is gone. Daniel meets with Aidan, who I think I failed to mention is working with Mr. Takeda (remember the Aisian guy??) to tell him to take his money out. Not so fast. Clark’s contract had an exclusivity clause, that’s what Padmella was trying to sniff out. They need to see where the investment to her company came from, a personal account perhaps?
Mason startles Victoria at her home mentioning that Cara Clark is alive and well. Cara visits Amanda at Emily’s home after she’s settled. She apologizes and tells her how proud of her she is which causes Emily to tear up on the other side of the door. Amanda tells her that she forgives her, too. For drowning her? Wow.
Turns out Kenny had other motives for getting the bar fixed up. Now he wants to buy the bar, him and Jack are going to talk. Victoria found a cell phone in Cara’s room with calls to Gordon in and out, she thinks she’s feeding him information. Emily tells Amanda she lied to her about the paternity, Jack truly is the father. Amanda knows that she should tell him the truth, but Emily forces her to keep quiet as to not break Jack’s heart again.
Mason knows that Amanda is not Amanda, there is a scar missing on her back. He leaves a manila envelope on the porch swing next to her and that is that.

Best of the episode: Seeing Emily have real emotion about her past.

Worst of the episode: Emily telling Amanda it is okay for her to be with Jack. NO DAMNIT.

Where this episode leaves us: Will Emily find out the truth about her mother? What is going on there? What is up with Nolan’s little chick?

Best one-liner: Charlotte – “Maybe you have changed.”

What this episode ruined for us: Swimming.


Holler, Jordan


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