Once Upon A Time – The Doctor

S02xE05 – Story One: In Fairytale Land Regina is now under the wing of Rumpelstiltskin learning how to perform magic. He has taught her how to freeze a being, and now he wants her to learn how to remove the heart. So she has frozen a unicorn in place and is now required to take its heart, but she can’t do it. So Rumpel does it for her, and then hands her the heart after showing the control you obtain by taking the heart. He tells her to crush the heart into dust, and she again is unable to do so. Rumpel is now questioning if he should waste any more time on her.

Regina stops by to see Rumpel a little later eager to continue her training, but Rumpel tells Regina that he’s not sure he wants to work with her anymore, he doesn’t think she has what it takes. Regina begins to talk of wanting to learn how to raise the dead, to which Rumpel scoffs and says it isn’t possible. Jefferson/The Mad Hatter walks in at that point and tells Regina he knows of a doctor from another world who claims he can revive the dead. So he takes Regina to meet the doctor who tells her the operation can be done, but he will need an enchanted heart like the one ripped out of the unicorn by Rumpel. Regina mentions a chamber full of hearts that her mother Cora had stored as trophies and takes the men there. The doctor chooses a heart for the operation and they go to see Daniel who Regina had preserved with a spell. The doctor looks Daniel over and says he should be able to perform the operation much to Regina’s elation.

Next we find Regina and Jefferson heading toward a tent where the doctor comes out of having prepped Daniel for the operation. Regina isn’t allowed inside the tent, and so you watch the whole thing from the outside, seeing only the shadows of what is occurring. After a lightning strike and a total obvious allusion to the doctor being Victor Frankenstein, you see good ole Victor emerge from the tent with a sad face on, and he tells Regina the operation didn’t work. The heart just wasn’t strong enough. Regina is inconsolable at this point.

Regina shows up while Rumpel is training a new girl on the ways of dark magic, and when Rumpel brushes Regina off as old news, Regina rips out the heart of the girl and crushes it to dust. Thus the birth of evil Regina. Later we see Rumpel meeting with Jefferson and Victor and find out the whole thing was a set up to get Regina to perform dark magic. And it worked. Then Jefferson and Victor jump into Jefferson’s hat and off they go to Victor’s world with the enchanted heart still in hand.

Story Two: Regina has started seeing Dr. Hopper/Jiminy Cricket to talk about her addiction to magic. She’s been making progress and hasn’t used magic for days. She’s trying to win back Henry’s love she tells Dr. Hopper. While she’s having this discussion, Dr. Whale bursts in yelling at Regina to send him back to his world, which she says isn’t possible, and then he asks where his brother is. Dr. Hopper interrupts the outburst and tells Dr. Whale he needs to leave.

After therapy Regina is driving home and thinks she sees Daniel standing in the rain, so she heads over to see Dr. Whale and finds him lying on the ground, his left arm has been torn from his body, and he’s moaning something about creating a monster. There’s a clue for ya!

Regina learns that Daniel has headed for the stable the last place he remembers being alive, and David who has shown up to question Regina about all that’s happened with Dr. Whale tells Regina that Henry is at the stables. David had taken Henry there to get familiar with his horse so that he can then ride it and learn to be a knight. David and Regina rush to the stables and find Daniel in one of the stalls ready to kill Henry. Regina’s voice stops him from doing so and he releases Henry to David. Daniel doesn’t recognize Regina until she says she loves him and then he comes back. True love’s words this time do the trick. Daniel tells Regina he can’t fight the monster in him and tells Regina she has to let him go. She refuses at first, but when the monster inside him returns, she turns Daniel to dust. And once again she’s inconsolable.

Regina returns to Dr. Hopper’s office in tears and tells him she’s used magic. He takes her in and closes the door.

Story Three: In present time Fairytale Land Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora return to camp to see it’s been ravaged by Cora’s presence. There is a lone survivor who recounts what happened, but Emma isn’t buying it. She ties him to a tree and threatens his life to the ogres unless he tells the truth. He gives in and tells them of the plan devised by Cora to get close to them to learn more about Storybrooke. He then tells them of the salvaged wardrobe dust that is still enchanted and in Cora’s possession. He then offers to help them if they will take him back to Storybrooke with them so that he can exact his revenge upon Rumpelstiltskin. All four girls don’t seem to object. So Hook tells them of the first step toward home, and that’s to climb Jack’s beanstalk. Good luck girls!

Final Story: We are with Victor in his world now as he is performing his infamous operation upon what’s best known as Frankenstein’s monster. Only we find that this monster is none other than his brother. Yes the same brother he was asking Regina about, and the operation worked thanks to the enchanted heart he got from Regina. Not that he’ll ever admit magic is what worked, because for him he has something far superior that magic, he has science.

Back to Storybrooke we see Dr. Whale walk into Mr. Gold’s pawn shop with a cooler in hand. He has come to ask Gold to replace his arm to it’s rightful (or leftful. I’m funny) position. Gold tells him he will for a certain price. The price being Dr. Whale has to admit to Gold that he needs magic. And so Whale does and his arm is restored. I don’t think that’s the end of it though.

Best of the episode: Seeing Regina blubber like a baby when she lost Daniel again. It made her seem more human. It was also nice to see Emma use her street smarts to smoke out the truth from Captain Hook.

Worst of the episode: Slightly disappointed on the big reveal of who Dr. Whale is in Fairytale Land. I honestly had it pegged as soon as he asked for an enchanted heart, but I guess you weren’t supposed to know until toward the end. Meh.

Where did this episode leave us?: Curious as to how many other characters from other worlds separate from Fairytale Land were affected by the curse and are now in Storybrooke. This could go on and on.

Best one-liner: Dr. Whale – “His condition is ideal apart from being dead, that is.”

What the episode ruined for us: Unicorns


– a la Chryshele


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