The Big Bang Theory – The Holographic Excitation

S06xE05 – Stuart decides he’s going to have a party at his comic book store and Raj volunteers to plan the party because he’s so good with Soirees. Howard seems to be able to spin every conversation he has into it being about him going into space. Leonard points this out to Sheldon, and they test their theory. And it’s confirmed, Howard won’t shut up about space.

Penny shows up at Leonard’s lab, and she seems to get turned on when he starts talking about his work. So sex in the lab it is. Leonard’s ok with this and we know that by the huge grin on his face and sex hair when he shows up in the cafeteria for lunch.

Amy tells Sheldon that she thinks they should do a couples costume for the party. And surprisingly Sheldon agrees, but not how Amy had hoped. His first suggestion of going as C3PO and R2D2 falls flat with Amy, he then makes a couple other suggestions which she says no to. She was looking for something more romantic like Romeo and Juliet. For now they are at an impasse.

Howard and Bernadette are getting ready for bed and sex, when Howard starts turning the sexy talk into space talk. Bernadette stops him and tells him he needs to stop all the space talk and that it’s irritating not only her, but all his friends too. Howard is shocked by this, but obliges. So now he can only mention space when someone brings it up. This will be hard for Howard.

Back at work the group are at lunch again and Raj is trying to decide on which kind of photobooth he should get. A coffin or a TARDIS? Duh do you even have to ask? Leonard shows up with sex hair and a big grin, Penny’s been by the lab again. Howard is moping because he can’t talk about space or him being an astronaut, and when he asks Raj and Sheldon if they are sick of hearing about it, Sheldon takes the honest approach and says yes, Raj tries the nice approach and says no, but means yes. Howard isn’t liking this.

So at home Howard, who is now blue literally and dressed like Papa smurf, is sad because he’s feeling like not talking about the biggest accomplishment in his life means that he will just go back to being plain old Howard Wolowitz. Bernadette, who is dressed like Smurfette, reassures him that it won’t happen, he just needs to let up on the space talk, not give it up entirely.

At the party Howard is still moping around when Penny and Leonard show up as a sexy cop and Einstein. You decide who’s who. Not far behind are Amy and Sheldon dressed as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy C3PO. This was their compromise on the couples costumes. Personally I would have gone with R2D2 over what Amy chose. Raj tells Howard how upset he is that Stuart is taking credit for the party, but Howard who is still wishing he could talk more about space isn’t really paying attention and is bringing down the party, so Bernadette pulls him aside and tells Howard that regular Howard is just perfect for her. This time it seems to do the trick and they start to go back to the party when Leonard and Penny burst out of the TARDIS having just had sex. Seems right.

Back at home and not blue anymore, Howard and Bernadette climb into bed and Bernadette shows Howard a video on their laptop. It’s of Buzz Aldrin answering the door to some trick or treaters, and with each treat he hands out, he has to tell the kid about how he’s an astronaut and has been on the moon. Howard now gets it. I think we won’t hear so much about space anymore.

Best of the episode: The TARDIS photobooth. And if I must come up with something else I would say Howard and Bernadette’s smurf costumes.

Worst of the episode:  Leonard’s Einstein and Penny’s sexy cop costumes. I was disappointed in the creativity of their costumes compared to the others. Even Stuart’s was awesome as Willy Wonka.

Where does this episode leave us: Penny gets turned on in Leonard’s lab, and I guess so does Leonard. Howard needs to let up on the space and astronaut talk.

Best one-liner: Sheldon about Raj’s idea for a photobooth at the halloween party – “A TARDIS makes no sense, it’s a time machine from a science fiction show. It has nothing to do with Halloween. That being said, if you don’t get a TARDIS, you stink and your party stinks.”

What this episode ruined for us: It didn’t ruin smurfs, Wonka or the TARDIS.


– a la Chryshele


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