Grey’s Anatomy – I Saw Her Standing There


S09xE04 – Derek and Meredith finally find time to do it. Christina also finds time to do it with someone other than Owen…her new Chief? Jackson and April have found a way to keep doing it, too, but this is the last time, they swear. Now our ex Chief is wandering around the hospital in a tie and everyone seems to wonder what is going on. Robin’s is also in for her prosthetic leg fitting today, and no one is supposed to know she is there, too bad Callie already told Alex.
Christina tells Meredith that she is sleeping with her Chief. And can I be honest that I don’t truly know if he is her Chief or not? I don’t think they said, or I don’t remember. Just saying. I’m going to keep calling him her Chief until I hear otherwise. OH and Meredith’s Napoleon Dynamite intern found a rare tumor!
Jackson’s mother, Katherine Avery is at Seattle Grace to work on a case of erection and huge balls. That deserves a line of it’s own?
Christina is still working with Mr. Feeny and her Chief seems to be questioning methods.
Avery’s mom is deciding if she should bring him in on the scrotum surgery where he is good in plastics, but is also worried about his relationship with the Chief. Arizona’s Doctor is Mark from Empire Records, Dr. Moore. I guess he did get a real job after all! Alex finds him to ask him about Arizona but can’t admit that he was ever there. An I forget that Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital, Derek is using the percentage loss of his hand to help out new doctors. That’s rather sweet of him!
Meredith seeks out Bailey for her rare tumor case. Everyone is really excited about the case.
Avery’s mom is working with April ever since the old Chief took her under her wing. She tells her of a gyno doctor that can help her with her boards. Awkward, much? Not as awkward as our old Chief talking to Jackson about a scrotum consult? Why won’t Meredith tell Derek about her tumor? Is it because she feels bad he’s teaching interns?
Callie goes to Joe’s for a drink and chats with Owen. She has been sleeping at Mark’s and isn’t sure she can take it for much longer. They bond over the distancing of their loved ones.
Christina wakes up her Chief in the middle of the night to ask him what is going to happen to Mr. Feeny. They are going to force him to retire and they need Christina there to represent what is new about Cardio (I now think this dude is over Cardio or maybe still the Chief). Christina tries again to get Feeny to jump on board with the “newer” procedure. She gives him a deal to just try out the new procedures and prove her wrong.
Meredith tells her emotional patient that once she gets in and can look at the tumor she can figure out what to do. It actually helps an reassures him. Alex tells Callie that he talked to Dr. Moore about Arizona, and Arizona is still being uncooperative.
Derek finds out that Meredith is doing the rare tumor surgery and looks like he is going to blow a gasket. Christina realizes that this new procedure may be just what her Chief needs to get rid of Feeny once and for all. Oh great, now she has to be responsible for that.
Derek considers himself bubble-wrapped. Owen points out why, all the times he’s fled to his trailer to grow a beard when times get roughed. Meredith doesn’t want him to leave her again. He also admits that he doesn’t think Christina is coming back.
Mr. Feeny is having trouble with the catheter and Christina is doing everything she can to help him get used to it, turns out he is loving the new procedure after a few doubts of himself.
Just as Arizona tries to walk Alex catches her falling over. He tells her they need her back and she admits she’s trying (I guess she is kind of). Alex tells her Callie is trying, too. Booyah.
Christina completely blows off her Chief after he pulled that stunt with Feeny. Arizona is slowly accepting her prosthetic leg. Scrotum surgery went well, so now he can tell the friend that brought him in how he feels! Jackson wants a man to man talk with Dr. Webber about his mother. “Hurt her and I hurt you.” Oh yeah Jackson, you badass.
Meredith gets to talk to Derek about her good day, and he assures her he will not go live in the woods. Arizona tries really hard with Callie, she’s starting to get back. Jackson solves his issues with his mom by banging April and Christina blew off her Chief for drinks with a friend, and the friend is Mr. Feeny. It’s now Owen’s turn to be the mountain man, so he goes to stay in Derek’s trailer.

Best of the episode: Christina standing up for Mr. Feeny.

Worst of the episode: Her Chief trying to fire Mr. Feeny. Poor Mr. Feeny.

Where this episode leaves us: I think Arizona is making actual progress and Owen and Christina are clearly moving backwards.

Best one-liner: Christina – “I know, I was surprised too, I was like whoa, what a surprise.”

What this episode ruined for us: Scrotums….?


Holler, Jordan


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