The Neighbors – Halloween-ween

S01xE05 – It’s Halloween time and the Weavers are out scouting neighborhoods to trick or treat. They’re excited to have their kids not have to deal with stinky soup smelling apartment hallways this year. Larry Bird however, is preparing for war. He’s convinced himself that every year the last day of October is when the human children come to attack. He’s not entirely wrong I guess, just his tactics are disturbing. In the past years their security gate has protected the neighborhood, but this year they’ve stepped it up and now have trained some of the Zabvronians to be archers with flaming arrows. Be scared.

The Weavers try to help them better understand Halloween by showing Larry and Jackie their decorations and even their costumes. Marty and Max are going to be Nemo and Nemo’s Dad, Abby is going to be Rapunzel, and Amber explains that every year she dresses up in a punny topical costume. But this year she has different ideas, her parents just don’t know that yet. Larry is resistant, he enjoys making sure his people are safe.

So at school Max and Abby learn that the kids their age are going to be going trick or treating on their own and their parents will just follow behind drinking cocktails. They’re too old to have them walk to the door with them anymore. And to add to that,  Max is told that a group of kids will be dressing up as zombies and he’s invited to join them. Amber, who is also at school tells Reggie that she will be dressing up as a slutty nurse, and that the topical costume idea is only a front. Reggie asks if he can dress up with her after they’re invited to a party. Amber obliges and says they will dress up as a sluttly nurse and sexy doctor. Reggie is excited.

Jackie is fed up with Larry not wanting to accept that Halloween is just a holiday, so she tries to show the Zabvronians how Halloween can be fun with the help of Debbie. Larry finds out and is upset, but Jackie coaxes him into letting the kids dress up and have fun. Jackie decides she’s going to dress up too, and dresses herself as Effie from Hunger Games. Amber meets Reggie at his home so they can go to the party together and when Reggie opens the door, he seems to have misunderstood because he thought Amber was going to be the sexy doctor. Now they’re both slutty nurses, and Amber is going to go with it telling Reggie he will just be an asian transgender thing. They’re good.

Max has broken it to Marty and Debbie that he wants to be a zombie and go with his friends, reluctantly they’ve gone along with it. Abby tells them she wants to go up to the door by herself like a big girl, and both parents are heartbroken. They don’t feel needed anymore. But then Dick Butkus shows up at the door dressed as Debbie, the person he admires most. Honestly he looks pretty good, and he’s even made a Marty puppet. It’s pretty much awesome.

So out they head to trick or treat. The Weavers take Dick with them and Max takes off to be with his friends. They let Abby go to the door by herself, and she’s scared at first, but sees she really can do it. And devises a plan to acquire a large amount of candy by having Marty and Debbie hold the candy she’s already collected so it will appear she doesn’t have any and can then get more. She’s devious! Dick on the other hand has been mimicking Debbie and speaking for Marty the entire time and it’s irritating both her and Marty.

Meanwhile the Zabvronians are preparing for a fight or flight situation with the kidlets who are waiting to get through the gate. Jackie thinks she has prepared them well enough to handle the oncoming “attack”, but when they open the gate, the Zabvronians choose the flight option. Larry ushers them all into his house for protection. It takes Jackie to tell him how ridiculous he’s being and that they are perfectly harmless for him to come around. And once he gives a piece of candy to a sweet little girl at the door he sees that it’s really not so bad.

As the Weavers are walking Abby around, Max shows up saying he wants to spend time with them for a while. He’s kind of weirded out because the girl who invited him into her group likes him, and he’s not sure how to feel about that. Amber and Reggie show up next saying the party was lame. Debbie and Marty are happy because they’re needed again.

Best of the episode: Reggie and Dick’s costumes. Both were hilarious in their own ways.

Worst of the episode: Larry being a sourpuss and not enjoying Halloween like he should.

Where this episode leaves us: With Larry questioning both of his boys after they have both dressed as women. It’s funny.

Best one-liner: Larry – “To your homes. Give the tiny humans the crap they desire.”

What this episode ruined for us: Slutty Nurse Costumes


– a la Chryshele


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