The Middle – Halloween III: The Driving

S04xE05 – Axel has been reading up on the local government election and has become quite knowledgeable about it. More so than Frankie or Mike. He’s found his main candidate and decides to put his sign in their yard. He’s voting for Harry Butts. Should have figured.

Sue thinks she’s ready to make the next step towards driving; picking a key chain! Mike and Frankie tell her the real next step would be to actually drive. After a little encouragement Sue agrees, and heads out to the car. Mike and Frankie play rock paper scissors to determine who will take her driving and Mike loses. So Mike is now in the car with Sue, and before Sue will leave the driveway she has to run through her checklist; lights, seat belt, signals, mirrors, you know the usual. Mike is impatient and tells her to start the car, ignore the checklist and back out of the driveway. Sue starts to do as she’s told, but becomes flustered because she hasn’t been able to complete her checklist and now she’s all thrown off. She bursts into tears, telling Mike he’s a horrible teacher and exits the car. That went well.

Next up it’s Frankie’s turn at the teaching. She decides she’s going to take the gentler approach with Sue. So when Sue says she needs to go through her checklist, Frankie is very approving. It’s when Sue finishes and Frankie suggests that they back out of the drive way that Sue bursts into tears telling Frankie she’s worse than Mike and exits the car again.

Brick is going trick or treating for Halloween and Frankie has worked it out with a neighbor to take him along with her own kids. So Frankie has the house to herself, and enjoys a glass of wine. Brick comes home and tells Frankie he hit the motherload, and then empties his pillowcase, and wow he really has hit the motherload. Brick is excited because he says the way he’s figured, he should be able to eat one piece of candy a day for an entire year. Frankie bursts his bubble and tells him that he can eat what he can that night and then the rest will go to the soldiers. Really Frankie wants the rest. So the next day Brick comes up to her and tells her that he’s ate all of his candy. Mike is furious that Frankie would tell him to do such a thing. Brick simply misunderstood and now Frankie’s bummed because there isn’t any candy left. Brick is off to school and leaves Frankie to face Mike. Before he leaves, they tell Brick not to mention anything about the candy at school. Hopefully they will be in the clear and the avoid worst parent of the year award.

Sue is ready to try again on the driving thing, but neither Mike nor Frankie are willing to put up with her attitude about it. Frankie is in the car trying to encourage her the best she can, then Mike walks up and starts demanding that she back out of the driveway. Axel joins in on the demands and Sue gives in and puts the car in reverse. She only makes it a few inches when Axel starts to scream. Sue has run over his foot and has stopped the car with Axel’s food still pinned underneath. Everyone is yelling at her and she freezes in fear. Mike throws her out of the car and proceeds to move the car forward freeing Axel’s foot. Later that night Axel comes home from the doctor on crutches. He’s sprained his foot and football is out of the question for him for a bit until he heals. He’s furious at Sue, and this doesn’t get better when they go to a game and because Axel can’t play, their winning streak ends. Sue overhears the players and cheerleaders talking about her, and she looks utterly beaten. Poor Sue.

After that debacle, Frankie gets a call from Brick’s school. His teacher would like to see them. Maybe they aren’t in the clear about the candy. So Frankie goes to meet with the teacher (Ted from Scrubs!) she finds out that Brick has done a 180 in class and is more attentive, his ticks have disappeared, and is a pleasure to have around. Frankie is floored. So when she gets home and tells Mike about it, Brick walks in and proves what the teacher told  Frankie to be true. He’s a completely different person! Frankie and Mike are hopeful that this is a new thing and attribute it to the candy deciding they will feed him candy all the time now.

Sue has been trying to make it up to Axel for injuring him, but Axel is having nothing to do with her. That is until she mentions the election. Axel didn’t realize it’s only a one day thing, and because he can’t drive he won’t be able to go vote for Harry Butts. So he tells Sue she has to drive, and she’s terrified. Axel talks her into it, but only on one condition; Sue insists that an adult be in the car. So they recruit Aunt Edie. How they got her, I have no idea and won’t dwell on that. So Sue drives Axel to the voting station and he gets to perform his civic duty for the first time. Awesome for Axel! Sue feels accomplished and Aunt Edie wants to know where her dressing attendant is. The woman should be in a home.

So Brick has been on a sugar high for a couple days now, and Mike and Frankie are missing the old Brick oddly enough. Brick comes home and asks how their day has been, he’s informing them of a permission slip for something, but crashes before he can finish. There goes the high. When he comes to, Brick is back to his normal self. Frankie and Mike decide they will feed him candy on special occasions only. That’s only slightly bad parenting then.

Frankie gets a call from the doctor, and they took another look at Axel’s x-rays. His foot isn’t sprained it’s broken. There goes football for the season, and possibly Sue’s life.

Best of the episode: Brick’s ability to eat all of his candy so fast. I especially loved the candy cereal, and chocolate bar smoothie. At least he got creative about his way to eat the candy.

Worst of the episode: Mike and Frankie’s sad attempt at rock paper scissors. No effort was put in. Such a shame.

Where did this episode leave us?: Axel is now a voter, Sue is driving and Brick can become attentive when he’s high on sugar.

Best one-liner: Sue about her key chains – “This one says “going commando”, I don’t really get it, but I do support the military.”

What the episode ruined for us: Voting Booths


– a la Chryshele


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