Go On – Any Given Birthday


S01xE07 – It is Ryan’s first birthday after the loss of his wife, Janie. The group is going to celebrate with a Ryan King themed scavenger hunt. Ryan says he is not going to be celebrating, and everyone thinks its because he’s hiding behind Mr. Tough Guy. Turns out he’s never liked birthdays because Janie used to go all out on them. Colonel Cow tells the group to respect his decision. He finally just agrees to the scavenger hunt.
Ryan has to watch Steven after his surgery, a colonoscopy. He reminds them that they’re getting old. Steven feels like singing some Dust In The Wind because that’s what you do under anesthesia. Sonia arrives to help him out so he can do the scavenger hunt.
First stop is a dry cleaner to put Ryan’s photo up on the celebrity wall. They do not comply, but he’s fine to have Cyd Charisse on their wall (Mr. K knows who that is, how impressive). Ryan gets a phone call from his office pretending that there is a code black and he needs to leave. Lauren confronts him and tells him how hard it is for her to keep being nice to him if he’s just going to resist it!
Oh no, Sonia is going to take Steven shopping!
Ryan continues to assure Lauren that when he is mean it means he likes someone. She encourages him to keep going, and he does get his photo on the wall by pretending to be Rachel Maddow.
Steven is high on anesthesia trying on ginham shirts and bow-ties and Harry Potter sweaters.
Next clue, streak like Ryan did in college! Other team gets that one.
Steven is immediately regretting buying all of these things. Steven decides instead to turn the tables on the evil ex-boyfriend of Sonia by posing with her looking all pretty!
Next stop is the TV station! Blasting cardboard cutouts with the tee shirt gun! Team Ryan wins! They meet up with Steven and Sonia and get into a limo and Ryan is actually having a good time. Go figure, fake it till you make it!
The limo is a surprised planned by Janie. They are afraid to tell him so Mr. K eats the evidence. They have to distract him by getting him to talk about himself, info courtesy of Steven. The other team needs to get into the room first to see what they’re dealing with. Lots of romance and flower petals, they need to make it look more like a scavenger hunt.
Ryan walks in before they get it cleaned up and he thinks Lauren is trying to seduce him. She goes with it, as to not hurt him but when everyone else walks in the secret comes out along with a violin.
Mr. K and Anne decide to cut a rug to the violin music, this Cyd thing has given them a bond.
Dead wife meets with Ryan on the balcony (HEY RYAN, ASK HER FOR THE ITUNES PASSWORD!). He tells her he is becoming a better guy and she deserved better, but she loves him no matter what. He may now actually start to enjoy himself.

Best of the episode: Steven and Sonia bonding. And dead wifey.

Worst of the episode: Lauren is just really awkward to me, all the time. And no George, at least nothing relevant.

Where does this episode leave us: Ryan is starting move on a little further from Janie.

Best one-liner: Steven – “Why did you stop petting me?”

What this episode ruined for us: Ballroom dancing.


Holler, Jordan


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