Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Anastasia Steele is a graduating student from Washington State University. Her roommate Kate is ill and has asked Ana to fill in for her on an important interview with millionaire entrepreneur and WSU alumnus Christian Grey for the school newspaper. Upon meeting Mr. Grey, she is immediately flushed with his extremely good looks. Grey is immediately intrigued by Ana’s brazen style. And thus begins a whirlwind relationship engulfed in sex with a little BDSM to boot.

I am almost ashamed to admit reading this book. It’s not my typical choice of reading, but after a friend encouraged me, I gave in. Overall I enjoyed the book, but there were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy. I found myself able to relate to the lead character Ana in several ways. Her sexual inexperience was very similar to mine when I was younger, and her personal interests of going into publishing and traveling to London mirrored my own. Those I appreciated, but the areas that were hard and I often found myself upset were when Christian Grey would lose his temper (which is often) and threaten violence. To Grey it’s a form of satisfaction for his lifestyle, to Ana it’s a form of abuse and I tend to agree with Ana. You don’t get a lot of backstory on Christian Grey, he’s clouded in secrecy and according to him for good reason. It’s Ana who tries her hardest to get him to open up, and you actually get to see a change in him for the better. You get to see them both grow as normalcy is foreign to both of them. Christian especially, but as Ana has never been in any type of relationship her naivety is both worrisome and refreshing.

I would recommend this book on the notion that this is a series, and does go into more character depth in the next book. This book is full of sexual erotica, so I would not recommend it for anyone under the consenting age. And even then it may be too graphic.

Book Rating: 


– a la Chryshele


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