The Walking Dead – Sick

S03xE02 – The episode picks up with half the group in the cafeteria just after Rick has chopped off Hershel’s leg and found live prisoners watching on. Hershel is bleeding out and they need to get him back to their cell block base, the prisoners are taken back by the fact that there are people in their cafeteria. One stands out in particular, and we’re going to call him Jerkface. His name is really Thomas, but I like Jerkface. He immediately tries to show them he’s boss, but the group doesn’t care they’re more concerned about Hershel. So they head back to their cell block, and the prisoners follow. They get Hershel in behind the bars of the cell block and Daryl has stopped the prisoners short of the cell block holding them off with T-Dog’s help. Rick soon rejoins Daryl and T-Dog when he starts to hear the prisoners arguing about that particular area being theirs. Rick negotiates with them that they will help the prisoners clear out their own cell block in exchange for half the food in the cafeteria. The prisoners agree, and they start off to find the cell block to clear out.

We have learned that these five prisoners have been locked up in the cafeteria for 10 months thinking that help was on the way. They have no idea what the world is like now, so the guys let them outside to see just how it is. This is where they realize they need to stay in the prison and cooperate. They make their way into the cafeteria and see that there’s quite a bit of food left. After a nasty encounter with a freezer that is now a crapper, Rick and the group take their half of the food back to base and then head out again. The group show the prisoners how to kill the walkers. They’re told they have to go for the brain, that’s the only way to kill them. Jerkface is cocky and makes a comment that they know how to kill a man, but are quickly corrected by T-Dog saying they’re not men, they’re something else. So when they come up on a few walkers the guys let the prisoners kill them, but they haven’t listened and try to kill them everywhere, but the brain. It takes Rick and the others to show them how it’s done before they start to catch on. But Big Tiny gets scared and starts to back off, and end up getting himself infected. Jerkface takes the initiative and kills Big Tiny. Moving on. They have made it through the laundry room and behind a locked door is a group of walkers. Rick tells Jerkface to open only one of the doors to help control the flow and kills, but he opens both. So they are all doing their killings when Jerkface nearly cuts Rick’s head off in the process of cutting a walker’s and then Jerkface throws a walker onto Rick. They kill the walker on top of Rick and all the rest and then Rick faces Jerkface who shrugs it off saying shit happens. Uh huh. Rick looks at him and then puts an axe into his head. Shit does happen, Jerkface is dead! One of the other prisoners runs off, while Daryl and T-Dog hold the other two at bay. Rick chases the prisoner down through the prison to outside where the prisoner runs into a bunch of walkers. Rick shuts the jail gate before the prisoner can run back in, and the walkers get him. I don’t recognize Rick anymore…

Rick makes his way back to Daryl and T-Dog with the remaining two prisoners. One is begging for his life the other isn’t. Rick decides they can live and they make their way to the remaining prisoner’s new cell block. Unfortunately it’s full of dead bodies. It should keep them prisoners busy for a bit.

Back at the home base Hershel is fighting for his life, and they aren’t sure if he’s going to make it. Rick gave them his cuffs before he headed off, and Hershel has been locked up. Carol asks Glenn if she can talk to him, and he’s reluctant to leave his post, but after some reassurance he goes. They are walking outside and Carol tells Glenn her plan to practice a c-section on a walker in preparation for Lori, who may have to have a c-section because she did with Carl. So Carol kills the walker, and while Glenn distracts the other ones, Carol brings the now dead walker inside the grounds. Back to Hershel who has now stopped breathing and his daughters stand by watching helplessly. It takes Lori to jump into action and give him CPR. This works, but it was touch and go for a minute there. Emphasis on touch. See what I did there? I’m funny. So Hershel survives the ordeal, but only barely. He still looks like death, but not walker death quite yet. Man I crack myself up. Carol starts to cut up the walker and it feels like something bad is going to happen, and then you see that someone is looking in on her from afar. My idea is that it’s Merle.

Rick and team come back to base, and find out that Lori saved Hershel. Rick and Lori go outside to talk and Lori lets Rick know she still loves him, and she knows she’s been a bad wife, but wants to work on it. Rick isn’t so receptive, and gives her a nice touch on the shoulder and thanks her for saving Hershel. Apparently forgiveness isn’t on the agenda right now.

Best of the episode: Honestly Rick killing Thomas aka Jerkface. The guy was nothing but a problem, he had to go.

Worst of the episode: Carl treating his mother badly. It was good Beth yelled at him, it bruised Carl’s ego, which he needed. Nothing like getting reprimanded for being bad to your mom by your crush.

Where did this episode leave us?: Now that they’ve cordoned off a good chunk of the prison, and are able to make it to the cafeteria, will they be able to share the space with the two remaining prisoners? And how much good is Hershel going to be now that he’s less half a leg?

Best one-liner: Rick – “Yeah shit happens.”

What the episode ruined for us: Freezers


– a la Chryshele


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